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There are many strands of CBD but you might have asked yourself can CBD Oil get you high? In short, no, CBD Oil is not meant to get you "high", but there are many factors to consider.

Nothing says love like Red Velvet CBD Cupcakes! This amazing recipe is sure to wow the one you love; also, these cupcakes taste delicious. In addition, adding CBD to these cupcakes is sure to enhance your experience. If this doesn't make your S.O fall in love with you all over again we don't know what will!

There is a huge increase in CBD products but you might not have known that not all CBD is made the same. The difference between most CBD products includes quality, sourcing, type, strain, and most importantly pricing. Because there is so much going on we want to help you make sense of all of this

We came up with this CBD Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries recipe with Valentine's Day in mind. What better way to celebrate love than by giving the one you love something that you made yourself. This is one of our personal favorite recipes and we're sure it will be one of your favorites too.

You probably have never heard of overnight oats but if you have then good for you! We decided to come up with this CBD Infused Overnight Oats Recipe to help you find different ways to enjoy CBD. Our CBD Tinctures are so versatile and can go well with almost anything

All of our CBD Products are amazing to use from the CBD Edibles to our CBD for Pets. Our most popular products include CBD Tinctures, but are you getting the most out of our CBD Tinctures? We would like to give you some tips on this hot product on how you can maximize your experience.

If you have any experience with cannabis chances are you have heard of CBD Shatter. Our Full Spectrum CBD Shatter - Pineapple Express is one of our latest products to hit our site. We will be explaining in more detail what is CBD Shatter and how to use it

Our CBD Drink Mix is amazing - it taste great - and the best part is that it's packed with CBD. All you need is a cup, some water, and our CBD Drink Mix to have a good time. Here are some CBD Drink Mix recipes that you should try!

There is so much more to love about our topicals than just that fact that they contain CBD. Carrier oils are extremely important when discussing topicals and some are better than others.  The good news is that all of our CBD topicals contain good carrier oils and we think you should know about them.

Everyone is getting into CBD from celebrities to dogs. It has been reported that Martha Stewart gives her French Bulldog a couple of drop of CBD oil. A question that might arise is should you give your dog some CBD and is it safe. We will help you find out why CBD for dogs is amazing.

The CBD industry is booming, over the last year it has gotten very popular. We are seeing company after company jumping into the CBD market. So how does one navigate the CBD market with so many products coming on the market? Who do you trust? How do you know? Well, we have a few tips that can help you navigate.

One of our best sellers are the CBD gummies and it's no wonder why. Our CBD gummies are on another level; they are impressive, appealing and delicious. Therefore we decided to explain why we believe that our CBD gummies are so popular.

First off, what is a Millennial? A Millennial is a person who was a young adult during the turn of the Millennial. There is more to Millennials than just avocado toast and taking selfies. Here are some Top CBD products that Millennials use. 

Millions of Americans are doing last minute Christmas shopping and looking for that perfect gift. We want to let you know what Savage CBD products you can get for under $30. There is a lot of CBD to chose from and we have picked our best CBD products that you can get for an affordable price.

There are endless ways for you to take CBD from CBD Edibles to CBD Vapes. Using CBD beauty products is a great way to enjoy CBD and this is also very popular among celebrities. We want to share with you some CBD beauty products that you should try.

If you're like millions of Americans your New Years resolution might be to lose weight. A popular diet to go on is The Ketogenic diet also known as the Keto diet or going Keto. There is a lot of dietary restrictions so here are some tips on how to stay on your Keto Diet and take CBD.

We created another CBD quiz to test your knowledge on CBD. This quiz will test some of your history knowledge as well as pop culture knowledge on CBD. This is the second CBD quiz we have created to help you learn more about CBD.

Most people who try CBD end up falling in love with it and for a good reason. What many people don’t know is that you can cash in on CBD through our affiliate program. With our affiliate program you are able to earn commission, and possibly get free samples to try.