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Now that some time has passed and more states are starting to loosen up restrictions; we now know a little more about how COVID-19 has affected CBD. Here is an in depth look to how it affected CBD, the state of the industry, and what to expect in the future.

Vaping CBD is one of the best ways to take CBD; and more people are starting to discover that you can vape CBD. This is one of the preferred methods for people who enjoy vaping. Also, many people who have never vaped are getting into this as well. We'll be exploring what you should consider when picking the best CBD vape juice.

You might be new to CBD or have been taking it for years; but there are still some fun facts about CBD that you might not have known about. With CBD's ever-growing popularity, more and more information is coming out about CBD. So, we decided to come up with some fun facts about CBD that we're sure will blow your mind.

We want to cover the 5 most frequent questions that we get about our CBD products. Common questions that we get are recommendations, what are different strains that we carry, and more. If you're questioning trying CBD; and  you've been wanting to know more about CBD then here are 5 things you need to know before trying CBD.

There are many things yet to know about CBD so we created a quiz to test your CBD knowledge. This is something we came up with based on our past blogs so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. We hope you enjoy our quiz and check out our blogs if you do find any of the questions interesting. 

CBD is an amazing product full of rich properties and used for different reasons. We will be helping you on how to avoid counterfeit CBD products; you will need to know what questions to ask in order to identify the real CBD from the fake.

People from all walks of life enjoy CBD; but you might be wondering if CBD is just for adults. There are plenty of articles circulating about how CBD is used by people of all ages. We will be exploring why different age groups are using CBD and also, is it safe.
We came up with this quiz as a fun way to let you know who you should be quarantined with. The answers we came up with are based on your CBD preference. This is just for fun so all the answers are meant to be taken light hearted. We hope you enjoy our who you should be quarantined with quiz!

You probably are already familiar with CBD but if you're not here is what you need to know about CBD. When you are shopping for CBD there is a few things you will want to to consider. This informative guide is here to help you start your CBD journey. We will explain what CBD is, is it marijuana, and dosage

Shopping for CBD can be expensive, so we decided to come up with cool tips for bargain shopping for CBD. You might not be aware that there is a smart way to shop for CBD which includes discounts, offers, etc. We want to educate you on ways to shop for CBD without breaking the bank. In addition, we have some cool tips that we are sure you will like so take notes on how to bargain shop for CBD

You might know what CBD or Cannabidiol is and have heard about Cannabinoids; but what are they and are they important? What many people don’t know is that there are a lot of rich properties in the Hemp plant. Cannabinoids is one of those rich properties that occurs naturally in the hemp plant. We will explain what are Cannabinoids and are they important.

You may have noticed that we recently added a tab on our website called "Kratom".  A lot of you might already know what Kratom is but we feel a majority of people don't. Our goal is to inform you on what Kratom is; things to consider before taking Kratom and the difference between CBD and Kratom.

With all of our recent product launches you might have overlooked our CBD edibles by Savage CBD product line. There are so many ways to enjoy CBD and one of our most popular products are CBD Edibles. We feel this is a thing because they not only taste delicious but are easy to use. You don't need any special devices and in some cases all you need is a glass of water. Here we will walk you through our CBD edibles and their growing popularity.

We believe that there are certain reasons why vaping CBD is getting more popular. It's possible that the same people who were looking for an alternative to smoking are now looking for an alternative to vaping nicotine. Therefore, vaping is something already familiar to some. We will be discussing why vaping CBD is getting more popular and why you should consider it.

Hi, this is Chris Wheeler with Savage Enterprises and I’m coming to you today to talk about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). What we are doing as a company to combat the wide-spread of the virus and the precautions we are taking.

With many talks about CBD Oil you might be wondering what is Full Spectrum CBD. As more and more products hit the market you will start to hear more about different kinds of CBD; such as full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolates, etc. We want to inform you on what Full Spectrum CBD is and why it's so popular.

We are always looking for new ways that you can incorporate our CBD products. We do this so that you can discover new ways of using our CBD, although it's great on it's own. However, we felt it would be fun if we came up with a quiz for CBD recipes you should try.

One of the latest trends taking over the Yoga scene is taking CBD while doing Yoga. Although it may not seem unusual for practitioners of Yoga to take CBD, a lot of celebrities are jumping aboard. We will be discussing what you should know about CBD and Yoga and why it may be coming to a Yoga studio near you.