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Throughout our existence as a CBD Company we have put out many videos on YouTube. However, there are a couple of them that stood out the most. We decided to come up with a list of some of our best CBD videos on YouTube. They are for educational purposes only to help you expand your knowledge about CBD.

This may be shocking to know but many people still don't know what CBD is. Therefore, we decided to come up with this How-To tutorial on how to tell your friends and family about CBD. We want people you know to enjoy CBD as much as you do; or you might be one these people who still have your doubts.

There is so much that goes into CBD from the extraction method to the carrier agents. Understanding what CBD is can be a little intimidating; but as long as you know that it's not marijuana you're on the right track! The science behind CBD isn't always so simple to understand but we'll break it down for you. You'll find out how CBD works, how CBD oil is made, and the different ways to take CBD.

If you're like most people you've tried CBD Oil and love it! Also, you've might have started to tell your friends and family about how amazing CBD is. You'd be surprised to know that you can actually get  paid for tell people about CBD. Find out about our Affiliate Marketing program and how you can start earning money by sharing your experiences.

More and more people are discovering how amazing CBD is. However, a lot of senior citizens are also noticing how great CBD can be. If you're approaching your 60's or your parents are entering into that golden age; you're probably wondering what CBD products to take. We've noticed certain trends among different age groups so here are top CBD products that senior citizens love.

Our list of alternative products includes way more than just CBD. Our parent company, Savage Enterprises has always looked into alternative products that you can't find in stores. Although CBD is one of our best selling products we also sell Kratom on Zen Panda, Nicotine Vape Juice on Savage Enterprises, and now Delta 8 Cartridges on Delta Effex. So we decided to come up with a quiz to test your knowledge to find out how much do you really know about these alternative products that we carry.

We often get asked what is CBD Vape Juice and can you drink it. This is a a yes and no answer: Yes, you can take it sublingual and no, we don't recommend it. It's not that it's bad for you but the taste might not be pleasant. This is because our CBD Vape Juice has a strong flavor. It taste better when vaped; and we felt it necessary to go more into detail about what is CBD Vape Juice.

There are many uses for CBD than just adding it to your tea or putting some on your skin. You are able to take CBD different ways and we will be covering some of those ways. We want you to have fun with our products and enjoy them according to your taste. So here are 5 cool things to do with CBD.

 Our products are for everyone -  parents, grandparents, Millennials, people who vape, people who don't vape, etc. In this CBD for Beginners - guide we'll be exploring different products you'll enjoy if you've just discovered CBD.

We understand how amazing CBD is and how our customer feel about our products. So, it's only natural for us to come up with CBD Memes to help spread awareness.

If you've ever purchased a bottle of CBD you know that it can last you a while. Although, CBD doesn't necessarily come with an expiration it can go down in quality after some time. We will be exploring things you need to know about CBD and we'll be explaining if CBD expires.

A question we get asked often is how much CBD should I take? The answer can depend, because there is a lot of things to consider. So, finding the Savage CBD's best strength for you can seem difficult; but we'll be breaking down on how to determine a good strength for you.

There is a lot of information about CBD, some reliable and some not so reliable. With all this information floating around it's hard to know what is true and what is not. So, we decided to come up with 5 common myths about CBD.

If you're like most people you find yourself having to explain that CBD is not weed. We all grew up knowing that Marijuana is illegal because it can get you high. You might not have known that CBD was also illegal, regardless of what type it was. We will help you understand if CBD Isolate can get you high or not.

You probably already know how much CBD oil to take and know what amounts is best for you. If you don't know - we recommend to start off small and work your way up. Another question we get a lot of is how often should you take CBD oil. So, we will be explaining why you may want to consider taking CBD on a daily basis.

If you are a fan of CBD and are looking for an easy way of consuming it; then using our CBD Tinctures is the way to go! It's great for both beginners and experienced users alike. There is a lot to know about CBD tinctures so we created this helpful guide on things to know about CBD Tinctures.

We decided to put your knowledge to the test with this CBD Terminology - Quiz. This is a fun way to find out how much you think you know about CBD. Also, it's a great way to brag to your friends and family about how much CBD knowledge you have by sharing your results.

It probably seems a little weird that a 30ml bottle of CBD oil could be so expensive. The process can be very labor-intensive and very pricey. If you have ever wondered why CBD is so expensive this will give you some good insight. Journey with us as we look into the different factors that goes into determining the cost of CBD.