Will I Test Positive If I use CBD?

Will I Test Positive If I use CBD?


You're probably wondering if you take a drug test will you test positive for THC if you use CBD. While CBD has under 0.03% of THC there are somethings you will still want to consider especially if you have a drug test coming up. Also, we will be breaking down why CBD has THC, if you will test positive, and what options you have.


The Farm Bill was passed in 2018 that legalized the sale and use of CBD in the U.S. Making CBD no longer considered a Schedule I Drug under the Control Substance Act. The condition was that the CBD can not have more than 0.03% of THC. The legal amount in CBD is not enough to get you high but any form of CBD can still have small traces of THC. We can now extract CBD from Hemp but not from the cannabis plant; because cannabis is still considered a Schedule I drug.

When you extract CBD from Hemp there can still be small traces of THC. This is because when you extract the CBD you're also extracting all of the rich properties from the Hemp plant. This is how we get Full Spectrum CBD, but when you extract CBD Isolate you are still getting small traces of THC. The reason why you are getting small traces of THC in CBD Isolate is because these properties still exist within the Hemp plant. With CBD Isolate you're isolating the CBD so you get more of the CBD and less of the other properties. This doesn't mean that the other properties are not in the CBD it's just you're getting less of them.

Will I Test Positive If I Use CBD?

If you have to take a drug test there is a possibility that you could test positive for THC. As we discussed previously, CBD still has small traces of THC which can show up on a drug test. Also, it depends on how often you take CBD, the type of CBD, and how your body metabolize it. Even if you don't take CBD often, taking CBD right before a drug test might not be a good idea. This can possibly increase your chances of testing positive in a drug test. We do have some recommendations that you will want to consider.

Options You Have

You have certain options as precautions to take to decrease your chances of testing positive in a drug test. These are just recommendations and not guaranteed methods to test positive or negative in a drug test:

Take A Short Break From CBD

If you're worried about testing positive on your drug test than take a short break from CBD. Give your body enough time to release any small traces of THC that might be in your system. Do this as a precaution, especially if you know you when you will be drug tested. There is still a possibility that the small traces might not show up but you still want to be cautious.

Let Them Know You Take CBD

Another option you have is to let your employer know that you take CBD. It's surprising how many people still don't know what CBD is; if you do test positive or worried about testing positive you might want to let them know you take CBD. This option is up to you if you want to mention this but if you do test positive this might be something to consider.

Know What You're Taking

You will want to make sure you are buying quality CBD from a reputable company. If you are purchasing CBD from a company that you've never heard of or doesn't have a website you don't know what you're getting. You want to make sure the company has lab results so you know how much THC your CBD contains. You will want to be cautious because you want to make sure your CBD is under the legal limit of 0.03% THC.

What's Right For You

What's Right For You

Making the decision that is right  for you is very important. We're not saying you will or will not pass a drug test if you take CBD.  What we are saying is you want to be cautious about how you go about taking your drug test. This is important because all CBD can still have small traces of THC, and so consider your options. We want you to be comfortable taking CBD that is why we are transparent about what possibilities exist.

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