Why Mom's Are Using CBD

Why Mom's Are Using CBD
CBD is now mainstream with such icons as Kim Kardashian and Kirsten Bell promoting it. There are a lot of moms turning to CBD because of advertisements or recommendations. Why moms are using CBD more often shouldn’t come as a shocker. There are a lot of practical uses for CBD and we will explore why moms are using CBD. 

The Stress of Motherhood

Mothers have a hard job with very little time for breaks. Stress can accumulate fast so a good way to relax is by using CBD. CBD is not a cure all remedy but many mothers are turning to CBD as a way to relax. Self care is very important especially when you are in such high demand. Many mothers take CBD daily as a way to relax. Endocannabinoids is what we produce inside our bodies. This is what our bodies produce when we exercise and gives us a “runner's high”. The CBD reacts in our body just like this feel good chemical would. Other feel good chemical comes from consuming black pepper or cacao (chocolate). This is why moms are using CBD when relaxing.

CBD is Diverse to Use

Unlike taking vitamins, or supplements CBD is diverse to use. This is another reason why a lot of mothers like taking CBD. You can add CBD in your tea, coffee, or make lemonade using CBD Drink Mixes. You can take CBD in gummie form, in lotion, or you can even vape it. There are ways for you to cook using CBD and because of this many mothers are turning to CBD. It is convenient, easy to use, and enjoyable.

Preferences of Moms Using CBD

There are many different ways to use CBD and the type of product to use depends on the person. We have noticed from our reviews the types of CBD that is most popular with moms.

Top Picks

1) CBD Tinctures
2) CBD Topicals
3) CBD Gummies  

CBD Tinctures: This is our most popular pick for mothers. The reason is because it’s easy to use, portable, and it tastes good. It’s no wonder this is also our Number 1 selling product.  

CBD Topicals: This includes creams, balms, and other beauty products that we carry. This is also ideal for someone who is on the go.  

CBD Gummies: Behind the CBD Tinctures our CBD Gummies are second most popular products we carry. These are also easy to use, delicious, and affordable.

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