Why Is CBD So Expensive?

Why Is CBD So Expensive?

When a new consumer ventures into the CBD marketplace; they might be a little taken aback by the higher price points of the CBD products. It probably seems a little weird that a 30ml bottle of CBD oil could be so expensive. There is way more to the story and a lot goes into creating CBD products. The process can be very labor-intensive and very pricey. If you have ever wondered why CBD is so expensive this will give you some good insight. Journey with us as we look into the different factors that goes into determining the cost of CBD.

Where It All Begins

The price points begin at the farm, because that is ultimately where the process of making a CBD product starts. We use CBD that comes from the hemp plant, but a farmer had to grow it and care for it. The agricultural process necessary to grow hemp and marijuana is extremely costly.  In addition to the seeds, cost of labor for cultivation, harvesting and all the equipment the farmers need; they also have to handle licensing procedures. Prices vary from state to state but hemp farmers and hemp distributors have to go through a  process first. This includes reporting, testing, and licensing requirements which are not cheap.

Hemp crops have 3 primary categories: CBD Oil, Hemp Seeds, and Hemp Fiber. In the U.S. the most labor intensive and difficult to farm is the CBD Oil - Hemp crop. This is because the farmer has to make sure the Hemp plant is under 0.03% of THC. Also, many farmers use whats called a horticultural method to harvest the Hemp. The farmer gets a higher yield of CBD but it's more expensive to do. Another process to harvest Hemp is an agronomic method. This process is a lot more cost effective but doesn't yield a high amount of CBD. So, most Hemp and Cannabis farmers prefer the horticultural method to harvest their crops.

Hemp Quality

Hemp Quality

Just like everything else, there is high-quality hemp and low-quality hemp. Everything in between is what drives the price of CBD products. A lot of CBD companies grow their own hemp plants; and if they don’t do it themselves they are most likely buying locally making the price more expensive. This helps CBD companies ensure that they are getting the highest quality CBD possible for their products. Other companies might have a lower price point because they import their CBD from other countries, but cheaper is not better. This practice can result in lower quality hemp because it could be coming from an area with much less agricultural regulation.

There are certain regulations that Hemp farmers in the U.S. must follow in order to grow Hemp. This is because Hemp has to be safe for human consumption so using harmful chemicals or pesticides can be dangerous. Counterfeit CBD tends to come from countries that don't have strict regulations. You can read more about it on our - How to Avoid Counterfeit CBD Products - blog. It is important to note that aside from quality you want to make sure you're getting quantity. A product can say it has CBD but you want to know how much CBD is in the bottle which can also drive up the cost.

Extraction Methods

Extraction Process

There are two main extraction methods to extract CBD from the hemp plant. These extraction methods include:

Ethanol Extraction

This process is a much less expensive way to extract CBD from the Hemp plant. It includes mixing the Hemp with alcohol. After it's been distilled and strained it's left until all the ethanol is evaporated. They are able to extract CBD in large batches through this method. However, the CBD from this method tends to be less potent and may contain traces of solvents in the finished product which is not a good thing. While some may argue that ethanol extraction is the best way of extraction, it is rated with the FDA as a Class 3 solvent. This means you're probably getting solvents in your CBD.

CO2 extraction

This process is more expensive and it entails machinery using pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant. CBD oils from this extraction method are generally much higher quality because there is no risk of leftover solvents and the CBD is more potent. The CBD is extracted in small batches using this method and causes the price of CBD to go up. We use this method of extraction because it delivers a better quality product; and this places a major factor in our pricing.

Testing CBD and CBD Products

Extraction Method

Once the CBD has been extracted it is sent to be tested in a lab, where it's tested for purity and concentration. This adds another layer of expense that has to be factored into the price of a CBD product. But it’s not just the farmers who have to test the CBD. We send our CBD to third-party testing laboratories and then we post the results on our site. We test for solvents, THC levels, and for the quality of the CBD. When we get our lab test results we are then able to sell our CBD products.

Why CBD Is So Expensive

Why cbd is so expensive

The price tag for your favorite CBD product might be high because of the process involved. Every part of the process is important from the way it's harvested to the extraction process. Once it reaches us we then send it to 3rd party labs to inspect the quality. If the price tag is still a little high for you then a pro-tip is to be on the lookout for sales and giveaways. We host a Free CBD Giveaway on our Facebook page every week. You can enter for a change to win or you can subscribe to our email list to get exclusive deals and offers.

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