Why CBD for Dogs is Amazing

Why CBD for Dogs is Amazing

Everyone is getting into CBD from celebrities to dogs. It has been reported that Martha Stewart gives her French Bulldog a couple of drop of CBD oil. A question that might arise is should you give your dog some CBD and is it safe. You also might be thinking how much CBD to give your dog and we hope to put you at ease. We will help you find out why CBD for dogs is amazing.

CBD for Dogs is Amazing

CBD is sort of a buzzword and often a trending topic. However, a lot of people don't  realize you can give your dogs CBD. The topic that often comes up is if giving CBD to your dog safe? Before giving your dog anything you will want to consult with your vet. The reason is because if your dog is taking medication or allergic you don't want it to have a bad experience. Talking to your vet is the best way to find out if CBD is safe for your dog. Our Full Spectrum CBD Pet Treats and Full Spectrum CBD Pet Spray are made with natural ingredients. You can read all the ingredients we use on the packaging or on the our website. Our motto is to be fully transparent so that you know what you're getting "Transparency Wins". 

Full Spectrum CBD Pet Treats

These all natural CBD Pet Treats come with 5mg of CBD per treat. These are great to give to give to your dog for any occasion. You dog is able to use daily and dogs love them because of the flavor. We offer free shipping on all of our CBD and these have been lab tested by a 3rd party. 

Full Spectrum CBD Pet Spray

Our CBD Pet Spray is one of our most popular CBD products for dogs. This 60 ml bottle has 500 mg of full spectrum CBD and only 3 ingredients. The ingredients include MCT coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and our full spectrum CBD. In addition, it's easy to use because you can spray it on the dogs food or directly into it's mouth. 

Full Spectrum CBD Pet Shampoo

You can now shampoo your dogs fur with our Full Spectrum CBD Pet Shampoo. It comes in an 8 oz bottle and contains 300 mg of full spectrum CBD. We are hoping to launch more CBD pet treatment products in the future similar to our CBD Topicals products.

Try CBD For Pets Today!

A recommendation for CBD is giving your dog 1 mg per every 10 pounds and see how your dog reacts. Closely watch your dog for 2-3 hours and see if there is any change in behavior . CBD is non-toxic but every dog is different and a common reaction is drowsiness or gain of appetite. Our CBD wont get your pet high because it doesn't have high traces of THC and has not been tested by the FDA to support any form of medical treatment.

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