Why Are CBD Tinctures So Popular?

Why Are CBD Tinctures So Popular?

CBD Tinctures, they seem kind of old school right? With so many products coming out nowadays it seems CBD tinctures still gain popularity and is one of the chosen products of CBD users. Most people who have considered supplementing their daily diets with CBD seem to turn to tinctures.

For those of us who would rather not vape CBD or take pills, but rather add our CBD to food, drinks, or just plain take it sublingually CBD Tinctures offer a great alternative method to take CBD. 

What is a CBD Tincture?

Traditionally tinctures are solutions of various extracts and they are infused. Although there are many methods of using cannabis-based products one of the most recommended ways of taking CBD for this first time is with a CBD Tincture.

How are Savage CBD's Tinctures Made?

Here at Savage, we use CO2 extraction to get our Full Spectrum CBD. Once we have our full Spectrum CBD we turn it into a usable oil (with no added chemicals or emulsifiers). We then use our proprietary process to blend The Full Spectrum CBD into MCT Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Terpenes, and Essential Oils to bring you an all natural CBD Tincture.

How Are Other Tinctures Made?

While we can't say for certain how other companies make their tinctures we can give you a general way that we see most tinctures being made.

Tinctures that are infused with cannabidiol are usually made through a combination of alcohol and hemp plant extracts. CBD tinctures are infused or cooked for people to enjoy without having to vape it. 

Once the CBD compounds are infused and the alcohol has boiled off the liquid can be extracted. Most CBD tinctures have other oils and supplements added to enhance flavor or vitamins. After that, the liquid is bottled and ready for use.

How Do You Use A CBD Tincture?

The fastest way to consume a tincture is to use the dropper. Savage CBD's droppers now come with measurements on them so you can see just how many milliliters you would be getting. But if you're using a dropper without measurements you can just drop a few drops under the tongue. 

Adding Tinctures to Food And Drink

The neat thing about tinctures is you can add them to food or drinks. Savage CBD has a Lemon Lime Tincture that a lot of people add to their chicken or maybe a hot chamomile tea at night. We also have a Grape Fruit Tincture that people love to add to green tea during the day.

Which Method is Better?

Well, if you have read any of our blogs we are of the belief that it depends on you yourself our client. People tell us all the time the various ways they take their CBD, it's really just what you prefer. We recommend trying different ways and find what way works best for you! Once you find it please share with us!


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  • Way to go savage! You guys are what this industry needs. Not only are you amazing advocates for the vaping community but also for the cbd community and that makes me proud to buy and use your products and recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for everything you do and I am thankful I can come along on this journey to the top! @MsMouthyMama

    Katie Bright on

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