What Your Next CBD Purchase Should Be

What Your Next CBD Purchase Should Be

We have many new ways for you to enjoy our Savage CBD products and with that the question you might have is what should your next CBD purchase be? We hope to walk you through our new products and explain exactly what it is you’re purchasing in order to help you make your next decision.

CBD Balm

We recently launched our CBD Balm and this topical is meant to be used on your skin so that your skin can absorb the cannabinoids. The CBD in our balm helps interact with your cannabinoid receptors so that you may enjoy the CBD on your on the area of your skin you would like to apply it to. This rich filled CBD balm has many antioxidants that help prevent your skin from drying due to the ingredients in our CBD balm. We recommend first cleaning and drying the area you would like to apply the balm to and with gentle, circular motions apply to skin. It is suitable for everyday use and you can use it for every type of skin. The price is set to $35.99 with free shipping for a 2 oz, 150mg strength CBD balm. This is one item you will want to add especially since it is getting cold and the skin tends to get dry due to the weather.

Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On

The Roll-On CBD is the latest way for you to use CBD discreetly anywhere on the body. This is the perfect addition for that person on the go who wants to add CBD on their body without getting their hands dirty. You are able to target that area of the body you would like to use CBD on and the amount of CBD in our Roll-On is able to penetrate the skin for absorption of the CBD. To use simply make sure the area of the body you are applying the CBD Roll-On is clean and dry, remove cap, roll on to the skin and enjoy. This is fast acting and is easily stored. Our price is $59.99 with free shipping for a 3 oz, 750 mg strength Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On. Apply as needed and is suitable for daily use.

Upgrade Products

Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum Lotion - 8 oz

We have upgraded our Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum Lotion, now you can still purchase the 2 oz bottle of CBD lotion but we have now added the 8 oz option. The difference between the 8 oz cbd lotion and 2 oz, aside from the amount is the 8 oz comes with a pump. To use the 8 oz CBD lotion all you have to do is pump it out from the bottle. The price is $49.99 free shipping for the 8 oz, 300 mg Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum Lotion. This product is intended for daily use.

More to Come

We have more products coming out in the near future, so please keep checking our site for updates, and future dates on product launches.

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