What Is CBD Shatter and How To Use It

What Is CBD Shatter and How To Use It

If you have any experience with cannabis chances are you have heard of CBD Shatter. Our Full Spectrum CBD Shatter - Pineapple Express is one of our latest products to hit our site. This product is amazing and we are sure you'll fall in love with it. We will be explaining in more detail what is CBD Shatter and how to use it. 

What Is CBD Shatter?

CBD Shatter

It is a concentrated product that contains high amounts of CBD. It gets it's name from it's texture that is hard - brittle - and shatters easy when handled. Our shatter is extracted from the hemp plant and made into a solid state that is meant to be dabbed. In other words, you are able to smoke the CBD Shatter in a processes called dabbing. This product is ideal for someone who enjoys smoking marijuana but doesn't like the high feeling they get from it. 

How To Use

First, you will need a dab rig that is special pipe made to smoke it out of. Second, you'll need a butane lighter and a dab tool to drop the shatter into the dab rig. You'll then use the butane lighter to heat the shatter - ideal temperature is between 320 - 350 degrees to melt. You will then inhale the vapor that comes out of the dab rig and enjoy. It is possible to dab out of water bong however,  you will need to add a dab nail to your bong. If you are new to dabbing we first recommend starting off with a low amount to see how you react. Everyone is different so less is more unless you are experienced - if so - dab away! 

Full Spectrum CBD Shatter - Pineapple Express

We have 1 gram of Pineapple express that contains 860 mg of full spectrum CBD. This is the first in a long line of  shatter products we are hoping to launch this year. This is an amazing product that you are sure to fall in love with because of how potent and rich in CBD this product is.

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