What is CBD oil?

What is CBD oil?

A Guide To CBD / Hemp Oil

The CBD that is readily available at Savage CBD is available in a variety of different forms. We carry everything from full spectrum to pure CBD isolate with 0% THC. Essentials by Savage contain a blend full spectrum CBD and hemp oil while Savage CBD contains pure CBD isolate. All Savage CBD products follow a strict quality and manufacturing program that allows us to ensure we can give you, our clients the best experience possible with CBD.

So, what is CBD or Cannabinoids?

CBD or Cannabinoids are found in the cannabis or hemp plant. The most commonly known components in the cannabis plant are THC and CBD. CBD has been increasingly popular in the mainstream media and Savage CBD does have 99% pure CBD products.

The great thing about CBD oil is there are many ways to take it or use it. Some examples include CBD pills, CBD juice, CBD tinctures, CBD cartridges, CBD gummies, CBD dog spray, and many other CBD items can be found on our website.

Choosing the Right Amount to Enjoy CBD

Savage CBD understands that no person is the same, and its super important to offer different strengths and sizes for our clients. We, of course, have different dosage strengths on our website, but in the end, it is up to you to decide what the right amount of CBD is in order for you to enjoy it. 

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