What Dosage of CBD Should I Take?

What Dosage of CBD Should I Take
Those who take CBD know how great and beneficial it can be. You might be wondering how much CBD should I take? Or what is the right dosage? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people jump right in to taking CBD and that’s ok. CBD might be new to you or you might a seasoned veteran and have been taking it for years. Whatever the case might be we want to give you some tips on how much CBD should you take.

The Type of CBD

CBD is very versatile and comes in lotions, vapes, gummies, or tinctures form. All the different types of CBD give off the same benefits but in different ways. If you use a CBD lotion you are targeting a specific part of the skin to absorb the CBD. If you use CBD vapes you are inhaling CBD directly for a more fast acting approach. The type of CBD you choose should complement your lifestyle. You don’t want to be stuck with a product that you are not going to take because you are too busy and don’t enjoy taking it. The right dosage depends very much on the type of CBD that you use. If you use the CBD lotion you will want to lather the part of your body thoroughly. If you vape CBD then vaping until you feel relaxed would be recommended. The type of CBD matter very much when deciding how much should you take.

The Quality of the CBD

Are you taking pure CBD or is it diluted? Where is your CBD sourced from? These are questions that not many people know the answers to. In order to avoid purchasing low quality CBD is best to purchase from reliable sources that have 3rd party lab results. Deciding how much CBD should you take highly depends on the quality. Low quality CBD will require you to take more of it in order to receive it’s benefits. Higher quality CBD will allow you take less because you are receiving high amounts of CBD.

Your Right Dosage

Choosing the right dosage depends on the person taking it. For some people a little goes a long way but for some it might require a little more. On every package of Savage CBD it comes with recommended dosage for that particular product. You should try using that amount and if you feel it’s not effective try taking a little more next time. If you feel your CBD is too effective try taking a little less next time. Since everyone is different your right dosage might not be the same as our right dosage. Feel free to experiment and find out how much do you feel comfortable with.

CBD Dosage for Pets

Before giving your pets some CBD you will want to make sure you get the approval from your vet first. Your pet might be on medication or have allergies to some of the chemicals that are found naturally in CBD. It’s always to be safe when introducing anything natural to your pets. Once your vet gives you to ok you want to give 1mg of CBD per every 10 pounds of your pets body weight. You can give your pet CBD twice a day and gradually increase the dosage once your pet feels comfortable taking CBD after a week.

The Right Dosage to Take

The right dosage depends on the person taking the CBD. Things to determine how much to take include the quality, type, and your tolerance levels. When giving you pets CBD you want to get your vets opinion first then see how they react to the CBD.

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