What Are CBD Flowers?

What are CBD Flowers?

One of our latest product launches at Savage CBD are the Richie Rich CBD Flowers on our site. We normally carry CBD vape juice, CBD edilbes, CBD topicals, etc. but you may be wondering what are CBD flowers? We want to explain what CBD flowers are and why you want them to be your next CBD purchase.

Understanding What CBD Flowers Are

CBD flowers are the flowers of the female hemp plants which are grown with low levels of THC and high levels of cannabidiols. Just like regular CBD these have non-psychoactive effects when consumed. Other names for CBD flowers include CBD buds, and hemp buds. CBD flowers contain cannabidiols, terpenes, and flavonoids and have a strong hemp smell.

Is CBD Hemp and Cannabis the Same?

What makes Cannabis different from CBD flowers are the THC levels in both products. Cannabis plants have higher levels of THC while CBD flowers tend to have low levels of THC. Federal laws dictate how much THC can be in a product to make it legal and CBD flowers have 0.3% of THC or lower which is the legal federal limit. There are certain characteristics in CBD flowers that resemble Cannabis which include the smell. The smell might be intimidating for some because it has a strong hemp smell but you get to enjoy CBD more naturally this way. CBD flowers also look similar to Cannabis in it’s plant form. The benefits of using CBD flowers are that you can smoke it like you would cannabis or tobacco or you can mash it up and add it to a dish. You can read all about how to cook with CBD oil in a blog we wrote before. The same rule applies when it comes to cooking with CBD flowers Vs CBD oil but you now have a more natural, earthy flavor to work with. This is a great alternative for someone who enjoys smoking Cannabis but wants more of the CBD than THC.

Savage CBD Flowers

We are proud to announce that Savage CBD now carries CBD flowers on our website and we currently carry a strand that we like to call “Richie Rich” The following CBD flowers are available for purchase:

CBD Flower Preroll 1.3 Gram

The Preroll is perfect for anyone who is new to CBD flowers. It comes pre-rolled so that you don’t have to roll it up yourself, it comes ready to smoke.

Richie Rich CBD Flower 1 Gram

This CBD flower is great for those who are experienced with CBD flowers or have experience with Cannabis.

Richie Rich CBD Flower ⅛

For those ready to stock up with our CBD flowers, this is the right size of CBD flower for you. Enjoy our amazing CBD right now, or share it with friends.

Richie Rich CBD Flower Quarter Ounce

If you enjoy shopping in bulk this is the right size for you. Enjoy the savings that you get by buying in bulk while you enjoy our CBD flowers.

More To Come

Be on the lookout for more CBD flowers in the near future by checking our website and subscribing to our newsletter located at the bottom of this page. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest Savage CBD news and announcements of new product releases. We also host Free CBD giveaways on our Social Media pages so stay tuned in for details.

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