Using CBD with Fitness

Using CBD with Fitness

There has been a lot of talk about CBD recently. CBD seems to be helping people with things like sleep, stress, anxiety, and much more. One question we get a lot though is "Can I use CBD when I work out?" 


That's the short answer. The same reason why people are using CBD to relax or distress are the same reasons why people are using CBD post work out. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory capabilities as well which is huge after a tough work out!

The best part - if you're using a reliable CBD company you shouldn't get that "high" feeling from CBD. So you can still get all the health benefits that CBD has to offer.

Some Possible Benefits of CBD oil

Studies have continued to show that CBD can reduce inflammation and spasms in your muscles. It can also with the same logic speed up athletic recovery. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of sprains, and athletes do everything they can to prevent inflammation and strains. This is why a lot of people take things like aspirin before working out. 

Your body naturally produces its own cannabinoids called anandamide to relieve inflammation. Exercising or working out triggers this to override so you can still keep working out. Using CBD or Full Spectrum Tinctures can help with inflammation.

Working Out While Using CBD 

CBD's natural anti-inflammatory aspects make it a great addition to anyone's fitness regiment. Every time you exercise, as you know, you are tearing your muscles. These little tears are the key to building strength and muscle but it still hurts. CBD can help reduce the pain.

Not every person has time for a massage or a hot bath after work out. CBD is a quick addition to your work out. In fact, we have found that a lot of people that work out prefer CBD to over the counter solutions.

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