Top CBD Products That Millennials Use

Top CBD Products That Millennials Use

First off, what is a Millennial? A Millennial is a person who was a young adult during the turn of the Millennial. There is more to Millennials than just avocado toast and taking selfies. In fact, a lot of Savage CBD's employee's are Millennials and hard workers. We have definitely noticed some different trends among diverse age groups. Here are some Top CBD products that Millennials use. 

CBD Products That Millennials Use

There are many reasons why different age groups use the CBD products that they use. Some reasons might include economical, preference, or convenience. Whatever the reason might be we noticed that most Millenials tend to use these CBD products. We will also be providing why we feel this is a trend among Millennials.

CBD Vape Products

CBD Vape Products

Vaping first became popular in the U.S. around the mid 2000's and Millennials were just turning of age to vape. Therefore vaping is something that was already familiar and widely available. We've noticed our CBD Vape Juice, CBD Cartridges, and CBD Pens are very popular among Millennials. We believe this is because Vaping CBD is one of the most convenient ways you can take CBD. You are able to take CBD at your own pace and control how much CBD you are taking. Using CBD Vape Pens and devices is something already familiar with Millennials who vape. It only makes sense why this would be one of the favorite CBD products that Millennials use. Our CBD vape products don't contain nicotine so you're only enjoying CBD at a reasonable price. 

CBD Edibles

We live in a society that is constantly on the go and convenience is important. It is reported that many Millennials work 2 - 3 jobs in order to survive in today's economy. A popular among Millennials is our CBD Gummies. These delicious edibles give you the right amount of CBD and taste great. All age groups that we sell to love of our CBD gummies and not exclusive to just Millennials. We believe this is because it a familiar taste that anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy. 

CBD Topicals

One of the best ways to enjoy CBD for a specific part of your body is our CBD Topicals. This includes using lotions, balms, Epsom salts, and other types of creams infused with CBD. We've noticed that our Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum Lotion is very popular among Millennials. We believe this is because it's very easy to use and can be applied daily. In addition to this our lotion is the perfect way to use CBD on specific parts of your body.

Products Anyone Can Use

We carry a wide range of CBD products that anyone can use. We try to include everyone based off their preferences and lifestyles. The individual determines which CBD products they enjoy and not specifically their age. These are just some trends that we noticed among Millennials but anyone is welcomed to try our CBD products. Everyone is young at heart and we encourage you to enjoy CBD according to your personal taste.

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