Top 5 CBD Questions

Top 5 CBD Questions Answered

CBD is a very fast growing topic in America, and even around the world. We get thousands of emails, messages, dm's and phone calls a day with various questions on CBD, so we compiled the top five questions we normally get.

1. Do you sell CBD Oil or Hemp Oil?

There are several points we need to hit to answer this question. CBD can be extracted from either hemp plants or marijuana plants. CBD is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Because marijuana contains high levels of THC, you would want to stick with hemp derived CBD. 

Hemp Oil contains CBD and these terms can be used interchangeably. Of course some tinctures Hemp Seed Oil, which is not something that contains CBD. Hemp and CBD Oil are virtually the same things just different terms.

2. How can I sample CBD?

We hold a free CBD giveaway every week on our Facebook page which is @SavageCBD you will have to like our page, like the live video, and comment on the video in order to enter for a chance to win. All winners are picked randomly through an automatic generator that we use.

3. What's the difference between CBD and Full Spectrum CBD?

We get this question a lot. To break it down super simply, CBD Isolate or just CBD is the purest for of cannabidiol. No additives, just pure CBD. Which is good for people who want to stay away from trace amounts of THC.

Full Spectrum CBD is all of the plant's cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and rich nutrients. People who want the entire plant may choose the Full Spectrum option since it uses the entire plant.

4. Which CBD is right for me?

We've seen it all, finding the right CBD product can be tough - but it's easier than you think. 

Tinctures - Great way to take sublingually or put in a drink

CBD Vape - Vape or take sublingually

CBD Cartridges - Easy plug and play method

CBD Softgels - Easy as just taking by mouth

And many other options!

5. How much CBD should I take?

You need some patience when starting out with CBD for the first time. Finding the right amount to take can take some time, but we recommend starting low and working up from there. Try to stick around 25mg your first time and wait 30 minutes to see how you enjoy it and work up as needed. We made a cheat sheet for 30mL bottles:

  • 250 mg bottle = 16.6 mg per ml = 0.8 mg per drop
  • 500 mg bottle = 33.3 mg per ml = 1.5 mg per drop
  • 1000 mg bottle = 66.6 mg per ml = 3.0 mg per drop
  • 2500 mg bottle = 83.3 mg per ml = 3.8 mg per drop
  • 5000 mg bottle = 166.6 mg per ml = 7.6 mg per drop

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