The Stigma Behind CBD

The Stigma Behind CBD

You might enjoy CBD now but at some point in time there was a stigma associated with CBD. Also, it was considered a Schedule 1 drug along side heroin, LSD, and other hardcore drugs. It sounds crazy to think that CBD at some point was considered to be as harmful as heroin. We are glad that the U.S. Government has since relaxed it's stance on CBD making legal to grow and sell. We would like to educate you on some of the stigmas behind CBD in past years you might not have been aware of.

Why CBD Was Illegal

Very little was known about cannabis and since hemp grows along side cannabis they were both classified as harmful drugs. Cannabis or Marijuana is known for it's high THC content and because hemp also has THC it was considered harmful. The U.S. Government feared that people could get addicted to Marijuana and believed it was as addicting as heroin. A Schedule 1 drug is a drug or substance the government believes has no accepted medical use and high chances of addiction. Therefore, Cannabis and Hemp were both classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

The Farm Bill was passed in 2018 which declassified Hemp from being a Schedule 1 drug. CBD is now able to be grown and sold legally on a Federal level - Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug. This was good news because CBD could now enter the market as long as it's THC levels are below 0.03%. Under the Farm Bill CBD can only be extracted from the Hemp plant and not the Cannabis plant; although they both can produce CBD. Since CBD was illegal for many years certain stigmas started to develop about the product.

Stigma About CBD

We have all heard of the "Just-Say-No" campaign where kids are encourage to say "no" to illegal drugs. Since we've been taught that THC is as addicting as heroin it's hard for many people to try CBD because they fear it will get them high. All they hear is "CBD still has THC" but not the "Low Traces Of THC" and that "It's not suppose to get you high". As the product gains more popularity it will become more socially acceptable especially since a lot of celebrities are now endorsing it.

Now that CBD has become more available in different stores and online retailers it's starting to become a common phrase. Anything that is new seems scary at first but education on the product can reduce their fear. Everyday the FDA is coming up with new studies on CBD and new discoveries are being made. Therefore, don't be so quick on debating with people who are weary on trying CBD for the first time. All of us had doubts at first but we then learned to fall in love with the products.

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