The Do's and Don'ts of CBD

The Do's and Don'ts of CBD

Here at Savage CBD we get so many questions on how to use CBD, so we decided to make a quick guide of the Do's and Don'ts of CBD. It's no secret that there are loads of misinformation out there on the internet today about CBD Oil. 

Savage CBD has been one of the leading innovators of CBD in the space, and we pride ourselves on taking care of you, our clients.


Make sure the products your buying have QR codes and third-party labs that were done. The reason why it's so important to have third-party tests done on CBD is for the big fact of "What's in my CBD Oil?" & "Does my CBD contain any THC?" Also, this shows you the transparency of the company. Our lab tests are public of course.

You also want to do your due diligence on the company, look at reviews, see how long they have been around. Nowadays there are CBD companies popping up left and right, and you the consumer need to make sure that you're getting these products from a reputable source.


Don't buy synthetic CBD. Now, most companies might not tell you that their CBD is synthetic, that's why 3rd party verifiable lab tests are so important. With synthetic CBD you really have no idea what your getting - since well, it's synthetic - not real CBD.

Don't give your furry friends CBD. As tempting as it may be, there are special CBD products for our pets. You can find all of our CBD of pets on our website - Savage CBD.


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