The Best CBD Recipes for Summer

The Best CBD Recipes for Summer

It's getting warmer out there and the family has been at home for quiet some time now. We believe you need a break and what better way to cool down than with some CBD. Don't settle for just any way to take CBD; we have come up with the best CBD recipes for Summer that we know you'll enjoy. So, cool down with us as we prepare some CBD that's both refreshing and great tasting.

The Best CBD For Summer

What makes the best CBD for summer is the way you are able to take it. Although, all CBD is great any time we prefer these the most during summer time. We have a collection of Topicals- CBD you can add to your skin; for example: Full Spectrum CBD Sunscreen, Full Spectrum CBD Aloe Vera, are also great for summer time; but we will be focusing on CBD you can add to drinks or food.

Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder

Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder

This CBD comes in a powdered form made with Nano-Spectrum CBD. You can add this to your drinks or served over ice to make for a refreshing time. Also, the Pink Lemonade flavor is really delicious which is why we recommend this product. In addition, you can make an  Arnold Palmer by adding the Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder to Iced Tea mix. We can't imagine a better way to cool down next to the pool than with some CBD Pink Lemonade.

Lemonade CBD Drink Powder

If you want a more original flavor than we recommend our Lemonade CBD Drink Powder. This drink mix is also great for cooling down on a hot day. There is no hassle of having to cut up lemons, adding sugar, or water. We've taken care of the hard work for you and added some CBD for you to enjoy. Each one of our drink powders come with a pre-measured scoop. This means you know how much CBD you are getting per serving. This way you know how much CBD you are taking at a time and get to enjoy the sun.

Orange-Ade CBD Drink Powder

Orange-Ade CBD Drink Powder

Finally, our Orange-Ade CBD Drink Powder is amazing for cooling down. You get the right amount of orange flavor per scoop and top off with some CBD. The best part is that you can make iced drinks, make Popsicle, or just enjoy it in water. This extremely diverse product is perfect for those long summer nights. It is enjoyable, delicious, and perfectly sweetened. You will fall in love with all of our CBD Drink mixes; but we know this one will become your favorite.

CBD Tinctures

What makes our CBD Tinctures one of the best CBD products for summer is how diverse they are. You are able to add them to both cold and hot drinks or, take sublingual. In addition, they are one of the strongest CBD products that we carry. You are able to choose from 1,000 mg - 2,000 mg. This means that a little can go a long way. Our CBD Tincture flavors include:

Lemon Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Pink Grapefruit Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Peach Pear Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Orange Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
Cucumber Mint Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Also, the flavors in our CBD Tinctures are very subtle so you're not getting overwhelming flavors. They are sugar free which is why enjoy adding them to our favorite drinks and foods.

Tips for Adding CBD To Your Favorite Recipes

Tips for adding CBD to your favorite recipes

Adding CBD to your favorite recipes is not difficult to do. Although, extracting or infusing CBD oil involves a lot more steps; but just adding CBD is not hard. Therefore, adding CBD to your food or drinks is very simple. There are only a couple of rules that you need to consider.

Rule 1: Never add CBD to boiling hot food or drinks.

Reason: You might burn the CBD. Instead, wait for the food to cool down a bit before adding CBD. If you are making a dessert with frosting try adding some CBD to the frosting. If you are baking with CBD try to bake at a lower temperature.

Rule 2: Get creative.

Reason: If you just take CBD the way it comes you might forget or it might get boring. So, we recommend trying different ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. We found that it's best to take CBD daily because your body will get used to it. You want your body to get used to CBD because that's when it becomes really enjoyable. Don't be afraid to get creative with the way you take CBD.

The Best CBD Recipes for Summer

CBD Infused Orange Slush Recipe

CBD Infused Orange Slush Recipe

Ingredients Directions
• 1/2 cup of orange juice • Combine orange juice, sweetener, milk, and ice cubes in a blender
• 1 tbsp sweetener of choice • Blend until smooth
• 8 ice cubes • Pour into a cup
• 1/4 cup of milk of choice • Add 5 drops of CBD Tincture
• 5 drops Orange Full Spectrum CBD Tincture • Enjoy!

CBD Infused Popsicle

CBD Infused Popsicles

Ingredients Directions
• 1 Scoop Orange-Ade CBD Drink Mix Add water and the CBD Drink Mix into a large container and mix well
• 8 oz of water Add the mix into the molds and put into the freezer for 6 hours
Popsicle Ice Molds • Remove from freezer and enjoy!
• Add 5 drops of CBD Tincture

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