The Best CBD Memes

The Best CBD Memes

We understand how amazing CBD is and how our customer feel about our products. So, it's only natural for us to come up with CBD Memes to help spread awareness. In the famous Tweet of Elon Musk "Who controls the memes, controls the Universe". These Memes are strictly for entertainment and feel free to use any of these memes. Also, tagging us or using our @ on Social Media would be really helpful!

The Best CBD Memes 

Flex Tape CBD Meme

"Everything wrong with the world - Me - Slap some CBD on it!"


This CBD Meme is based on the Flex Tape product that is so strong it is said to stop leaks immateriality! It's worth slapping some CBD the same way to see if that does anything.

Daddy Chill Meme

"When the FDA starts talking bad about CBD - Daddy Chill"


We read in the headlines that the FDA was taking a closer look into CBD so we decided to send them a message by asking them to chill

Detective Pikachu Meme

"That face you make when you notice CBD for sale at the gas station"


Not all CBD is made the same. You can read all about spotting fake CBD on our How to avoide counterfit CBD Products - Blog

Shakira Superbowl Meme

"When your CBD Gummies Arrive"


That feeling you get when your CBD Gummies arrive. We got our inspiration from Shakira's infamous Superbowl Halftime performance.

Sleepy and Wide Awake Cat Meme

"Sative & Indica - Know The Difference"


When you think of Indica think of In The Couch - It's more calming and meant to slow you down. Sativa on the other hand is meant to give you a boost - the opposite of Indica.

Dank CBD Memes

If you ever have any CBD memes you want to share with us please send us an email:  or Private message us on our Facebook page. We love new memes and want to know what makes you laugh, or in some cases think.

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