Ten Things To Know Before Buying CBD

Ten Things To Know Before Buying CBD

 We get thousands of messages and phone calls a week. The thing is CBD is still fairly new and it's starting to becoming market, but there's a catch with CBD Oil. This market is pretty much unregulated so we made a guide of the top ten things to watch out for when buying CBD.

1) Cheap Price Should Scare You.

Are cheaper prices always better? You might think yes but with CBD it's probably not if it's too cheap. Whats to cheap? Well if you're getting products for $80.00 but come across a company that can afford to sell it for $10.00 that's probably not a good sign.

Here's why: When it comes to CBD is an expensive product to produce, especially if you're using extractions like CO2. You want to research how companies extract there CBD and see what process they use to guarantee quality because after all having the purest CBD is the best option. Savage CBD uses CO2 extraction and keeps recent labs test on their public CBD website.

2) What Are The Companies Claiming?

Sometimes our clients get mad at first because we won't make claims. What does that mean? Well, we won't tell you it will cure cancer, we won't tell you for a fact it will help with pain. Why? Because it is a major violation of the FDA to make such claims. That's how you can tell the legit companies from the well not so legit.

3) Can They Be Hiding Something?

Good question right? It's so important to do your research on CBD companies. Again, CBD is a pretty unregulated market so you want to look for things like lab tests, testimonials, reviews etc. CBD companies should be transparent with their clients. Savage CBD has of its CBD reviews public.

4) Accountability

Some companies don't even have contact information readily available. That blows our minds! What if something happens with an order? How do you contact them? I guess you don't and just get the CBD you got. Make sure to check if the CBD website has contact information. At Savage CBD we believe in having full transparency and accountability, you can reach us at our Savage CBD Contact page.

5) How is the CBD Oil Extracted?

To get apples out of an apple tree you can just pick them, or shake the tree and boom you've got some apples. CBD Oil is a completely different story. There are some methods with chemicals like ethanol, which we don't prefer. We prefer a healthier alternative CO2 extraction, and so do our clients.

6) How much CBD is in the Product?

Make sure to read the label or description. Usually, 1000mg means 1000mg in the entire container, but even then we have come across some products that say "1000mg made up of terpenes, plant material, and CBD" which tells us there isn't 1000mg of CBD in that container or bottle.

7) How to Know when CBD is Pure

Taking the companies word is usually a good method, especially if you trust the company you have been working with. If you really want to dig deeper some companies will have lab tests on their website.

8) What's the concentration of the CBD in a product?

This might seem a little repetitive but its important. CBD can be watered down and some companies will try to suck more profit out of each profit. So Savage CBD's 30ML CBD will have 1000mg that's much different than a 1000mg in a 100mL bottle because the entire concentration of the bottle is the same, there's just more liquid in the 100mL, not CBD.

9) What's the THC Content?

So most Full Spectrum CBD has less than .03% THC which is under the legal limit and isn't a big deal for most. However, if you have to drug test it can be a very ig deal. Also, a big draw of CBD is the fact that it doesn't have much THC but is rich in CBD and other Cannabinoids, so look for companies with information on their CBD.

10) How was the Hemp Grown and what Might be in It?

This one is huge! This is why lab tests are so important. Look for companies that have lab tests done by a 3rd party. Meaning that it wasn't just a test from their supplier but an actual test from another lab on their specific product. We cannot stress how important it is to know what might be in your CBD.


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