Spotting FAKE CBD Oil

Spotting FAKE CBD Oil

The CBD industry is booming, over the last several months it has gotten, well wild. We are seeing company after company jumping into the CBD market. So how does one navigate the CBD market with so many products coming on the market? Who do you trust? How do you know? Well, we have a few tips that can help you navigate this wild market.

Look at the companies reviews.

A good tell if a company is legit or not is to look at their reviews, what are people that have purchased saying about this product. A well established CBD company should have at least a few reviews somewhere online. Another good point is to seek out testimonials, on Facebook, YouTube, even on their website to see what other people are saying about their CBD Oil. Our testimonials are available here.

Do they have 3rd Party Labs?

This one is HUGE for CBD companies that are making claims. Anyone can produce a COA or Certificate of Analysis but rarely do we see 3rd party testing for CBD. It is very important to check if a companies product has been tested by another lab for that specific product. That way you can verify that the product has what it says it has. You can view our tested lab results by visiting our website.

Explore their website

It's 2018, right? It's easy to spot a professional website and one that is...well not. Check out their social media see what they are up to, today we have so many tools available to us it's fairly easy to see if we are getting scammed, yet so many of us do.

Contact them

Any reputable CBD company should have contact information readily available. What really drives us crazy is when there is NO phone number?! Really come on now.

Good luck out there! You can view our CBD Products by visiting our website.

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