Should you Travel with CBD Products?

Should you Travel with CBD Products?

While you might not think twice about bringing your favorite CBD products with you when traveling, you might want to start. It has been well publicized that marijuana has been federally illegal since the 1930s. Also, you know that it’s not a great idea to bring weed with you to the airport. However, you might be wondering - what about CBD? We’ll be exploring if you should travel with your CBD products or not

Understanding CBD

Understanding CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) can come from both the marijuana plant or the hemp plant. Although you’ll only find hemp derived CBD due to certain restrictions. There are a wide variety of CBD products, and all them can be applied in different ways.

Typical CBD products include - CBD Tinctures, CBD Topicals, CBD Vape Juice, etc. However, the legality of CBD can vary from state to state. Another very similar product - THC is also legal and illegal in certain states. It is obviously very important to read up on state laws and even city laws and they all vary depending on where you are.

Savage CBD

You probably bought your CBD products from Savage CBD or at your local vape store, making it seem completely. However, because of the lack of regulation over CBD products, specifically with the labeling, packaging, and the standards on CBD purity; this has placed CBD products in a very complicated state legally.

Traveling With CBD

Traveling with CBD

Traveling with CBD products has landed some travelers in the Dallas Airport in some extremely hot water according to a local news source.

The problem is, or as TSA and airport security see it, they can’t tell how much THC is actually in your CBD products just by looking at the label and packaging alone. It’s really the potential “hidden” THC that is the problem, not so much the CBD product itself.


There may be a non-detectable amount of THC or there may be way more than the legal limit which is 3%. This is another great reason to only shop with companies like Savage CBD that have lab results to go with each product, but even this is not going to get you out of potential trouble at the airport.

As of right now, there is no governing body to oversee the regulation of CBD products or set standards which is one of the huge factors contributing to the rise in the interception of CBD products being brought to the airport by travelers.

The Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill was passed in December and was seen and still is seen as a huge win for the CBD community but has also left some travelers an unwarranted comfort when traveling with CBD. The Farm Bill legalized CBD to be produced on an industrial scale in the United States, but just because growing hemp is legal does not mean there are no restrictions on its derivatives.

Within the farm bill, there is nothing that is explicitly protecting consumers of CBD which is leaving the legality of CBD up to interpretation at this point.

New York City

In New York City, the Department of Health made it clear that there will be penalties for restaurants who mix CBD into food and yet you can still walk down the street and purchase a bottle of oil or lotion that contains CBD. All of this is not stopping big name brands like CVS and Coca Cola from jumping into the CBD market.

Governing CBD Laws

Although most of the CBD that is found in products are available for purchase online or at a shop; the law is complicated and may not be completely apparent to each individual law enforcement officer. Also, CBD is no longer classified as a schedule I drug under the Controlled Substance Act, the FDA still considers all CBD products as illegal no matter if the CBD came from a hemp plant or a marijuana plant.

Hemp Derived CBD

It’s important to understand that all CBD products sold online and in shops should come from Hemp. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you’re purchasing from a reputable brand

If you’re purchasing from a shop - the employee or owner should have access to the lab test results and tell you more about the product. This is to ensure that you’re receiving quality CBD that is free of harmful chemicals..

International Travel

You’ll want to do some research before taking any CBD products with you on your next vacation. Also, international laws can vary and may not allow you to bring CBD regardless if it’s legal in the U.S. There are many countries where CBD is still highly illegal, and you don’t want to be locked up abroad because you packed your favorite CBD Tincture in order to enjoy the flight.

Once you are in foreign waters, you are under their laws, so, think twice or read up about the laws on CBD for the country you plan on visiting when packing any CBD products for your next trip.

Final Thought

Should You Travel With CBD Products

Long story short, until the law is crystal clear, all law enforcement federal or local are on the same page. Also, there are some ways to tell exactly what is in your CBD product based on the label alone. It’s probably best to not bring your beloved CBD products into any federal jurisdiction.

Federal law enforcement is not just going to “take your word for it” when you try telling them that your product contains no THC only CBD. At the very least, pack it in your checked bag, but it is probably best to just leave it at home and purchase a CBD product when you get to your final destination.

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