Not All CBD Is Made The Same

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There is a huge increase in CBD products but you might not have known that not all CBD is made the same. The difference between most CBD products includes quality, sourcing, type, strain, and most importantly pricing. Because there is so much going on we want to help you make sense of all of this. In other words, we want you to make an informed decision next time you purchase CBD.

Quality & Sourcing

The quality of the CBD depends on many factors and different hemp farmers have different growing methods. Although, the harvest time does play a huge factor, the type of farm it was grown on is as important. The way you know you're getting quality CBD is on the potency, how it was extracted, and where it came from.

A red flag to look out for is the off color of a product or the added ingredients. Low price points is usually a good indicator that you're probably not getting good quality CBD. The price doesn't always mean good quality, however it's usually a good sign. It's not that low priced CBD is not good it just means that you are probably not getting the best quality CBD that's out there.

Types & Strains

Just like cannabis, hemp also has different strains grown for different reasons. There is Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains of CBD that all have different properties. The different types of CBD depends on how you enjoy taking CBD. CBD is able to taken different ways from edibles, topicals, smoked or vaped. In addition, smoking or vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways to injest CBD because it goes directly into your system. If you are not a fan of vaping or smoking then tinctures and edibles is another fast method.

Understand That Not All CBD is Same

Next time you are buying CBD consider the factors that we went over. Are there many ingredients in this product aside from CBD? (this is ok in CBD Topicals) Is this CBD from a reliable source or is it some no name brand that doesn't explain much on their website or label? Is this price low because it's poor quality or is it because it's a smaller batch or they are running a promo?

These are some questions that you should be asking yourself if you want good quality CBD. We understand that good quality CBD might not always be in your budget but there are alternatives. We run special promos every week that you could be taking advantage of. Also, we offer free CBD giveaways, and we recently introduced Sezzle finance. With Sezzle you are able to make payments on the products instead of paying all at once. We really want you to enjoy your CBD and take pride in providing quality at an affordable price

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