Is Smoking CBD or Vaping CBD Better?

Is Smoking CBD or Vaping CBD Better?

When you smoke or vape anything you are taking that product in directly. There is no waiting for your body to break it down or for your skin to absorb it. Likewise, when you smoke or vape CBD it is one of the most direct ways to take it. However, which one is better? We'll be breaking down why most people prefer these methods, which method you might like better; and decide once and for all which method is better!

The Best Way To Take CBD

The Best Way to Take CBD

This may be an unpopular option but one of the best ways to take CBD is through smoking or vaping. You are taking CBD directly Vs. a CBD Tincture where you have to wait for your body to metabolize it. With CBD Topicals you're waiting for your skin to absorb the CBD. However, each product does have their advantage, for example: CBD Topicals can target specific parts of your body. Also, CBD Tinctures are great for adding to food or drinks and can be taken any time. When you are Vaping CBD or Smoking CBD in public you would have to be in a designated area.

We carry a lot of different CBD Vape Juice with different flavors that you might enjoy. Also, we carry CBD Flower that a lot of other CBD companies still don't have. We believe in the idea of having a little something for everybody. Whether you smoke, vape, or even like to dab, you'll find it at Savage CBD. Therefore, the best way to take CBD in our opinion is by either vaping or smoking it. By the best we mean the fastest way your body can absorb the CBD. Every method of using CBD is the best way; but for almost immediate absorption then you may want to consider vaping or smoking.

The Differences Between Smoking CBD and Vaping CBD

The Differences Between Smoking CBD and Vaping CBD

Both of these methods have their pros and their cons. However, there are some notable differences between Smoking CBD and Vaping CBD. Here are some to name a few:

Smoking CBD

Richie Rich CBD Flower Preroll 1.3g

When you smoke CBD you are taking CBD in its rawest form. Typically, the only type of process CBD Flower has gone through is drying out. This is the same process that Cannabis goes through in order to be smoked. However, CBD will still not get you high even when smoked. All CBD needs to have a maximum amount of 0.03% in order for it to be legal. This includes CBD Flower, CBD Vape, and CBD Dabs. You are able to Smoke CBD the same way you would smoke Cannabis or Tobacco. This can be in a pipe, bong, rolling papers, or any other way you would smoke.

When you Smoke CBD a little goes a long way; so you might not need that much in order to enjoy CBD. You should smoke enough to where the CBD is enjoyable. However, if you do end up smoking too much you could get light headed, dried mouth, or even sleepy. This varies from person to person and everyone reacts differently to CBD. If you're looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco this might be the right product for you! Although our CBD doesn't contain any nicotine it's still great if you are used to smoking. Also, people who enjoy smoking marijuana but don't like the high feeling enjoy smoking CBD.

Vaping CBD

Active Full Spectrum CBD Pen

This method has increased in popularity over the years. We find people who are already comfortable with vaping love to vape CBD. Our CBD Vape Juice doesn't have any nicotine but does come with great flavors. Our parent company is Savage Enterprises, which specializes in Vape products. We felt that it was only logical to take the knowledge from the vape world; and introduce great flavors to CBD. The results were great tasting products that became an instant hit. We decided to carry not only CBD Vape Juice but CBD Vape Pens, and CBD Cartridges. We're all inclusion and don't want anyone who vapes to be left out.

When you Vape CBD it goes straight into your lungs but it's not smoke, it's vapor. This is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer Vaping CBD over Smoking CBD. A lot of people still don't feel comfortable having smoke enter their lungs; even if it's only CBD. A great alternative to smoking CBD is vaping it. Another difference is what your body is absorbing. When you smoke CBD Flower you're getting all of the properties from the Hemp plant. However, when you Vape CBD you get the option to choose if you want to absorb; This includes just CBD - CBD Isolate - or the entire plant - Full Spectrum CBD.

Is Smoking CBD or Vaping CBD Better?

Is Smoking CBD or Vaping CBD Better?

This is the ultimate question: Is Smoking CBD or Vaping CBD Better? The answer is: which one do you prefer? or which method do you like better? All of our products are great and when deciding which one is better comes down to your preference. When it comes down to bioavailability or the rate that your body absorbs the CBD; then smoking and vaping CBD is the fastest. However, if this is not an option because of prior health problems then a CBD Tincture or CBD Softgels are perfect.

If you are already comfortable with vaping or smoking then this is a better option for you. If you would like to try smoking CBD than we recommend trying a Richie Rich CBD Flower Preroll 1.3g. They come Pre-rolled and ready to smoke so all you will need is a lighter to enjoy. Also, if you want to try and Vaping CBD then we recommend our Active Full Spectrum CBD Pen. All of our Disposable CBD Vape Pens are ready to vape and come with a charging port. This means you don't have to vape it all at once and you are able to charge it later if it runs out of battery.

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