Is CBD Just For Adults?

Is CBD Just For Adults?


People from all walks of life enjoy CBD; but you might be wondering if CBD is just for adults. There are plenty of articles circulating about how CBD is used by people of all ages. We will be exploring why different age groups are using CBD and also, is it safe.

Who Is Taking CBD?

If you are familiar with CBD you might have heard that people have been giving their children CBD. We do not sale to anyone under the age of 18. Also, our products are not meant to be used by anyone under the age of 18. While there is a lot of testing taking place on the possible effects of CBD in children; there is only one FDA approved CBD product on the market to treat a rare form of Epilepsy.

CBD is a fairly new product on the market, although CBD has been around for a long time. This means that there is still a lot of things unknown about CBD. You might read articles about how CBD was used for different reasons but you still want to talk to a doctor.

Is CBD Safe To Use?

If you have any underline medical condition we always advise you to talk to your doctor before taking CBD. This is because you might be taking medication that might counteract with CBD. CBD is great to take but different people have different experiences with CBD. We are transparent on what goes into our products and we can help you decide which product to use based on preference. So, we want to be sure you have a good experience when taking CBD.

You also want to consider that CBD still can have small traces of THC. The legal limit for THC in CBD is 0.03% which is not enough to get you high. All CBD can still have small traces of THC regardless of the extraction method. This is something to consider before taking CBD in case you are subject to drug testing. Our recommendation is letting your employer know you are taking CBD or don't take it right before you are tested.

Is CBD Just For Adults?

Our CBD is just for Adults because that's our store policy. If you decide to give anyone CBD we would recommend you first talk to their doctor. You want to be sure the CBD will not counteract with whatever medication they are taking - if they are taking medication. CBD is great to take but it's best to be safe when taking it.

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