Is CBD Better Than THC?

Is CBD Better Than THC?

CBD or Cannabidiol is becoming huge, it's no secret. Friends of friends are asking for CBD Oil, Ron up the street is taking CBD. But here's the question, is CBD better than THC? Is that possible? And if so what does that even mean?

What we do know is that marijuana typically contains 2-5% of THC, but the plant also contains a lot of other cannabinoids, including of course CBD. Recent companies have been claiming that CBD can cure things like arthritis, pain, insomnia and many other things. Again it's no secret, people are loving the non-psychoactive effects produced by CBD.

Why are people going crazy over CBD? Why are farmers starting to focus on growing plants with high CBD content? The answers are there, we just have to look.

Our brains have protein receptors that respond to chemicals found in cannabis. These chemicals are called cannabinoids, and they react with our endocannabinoid system (the system responsible for things like homeostasis). Now when a person uses marijuana all of the chemicals in the plant are ingested into the body, our brains interact with these chemicals and a reaction occurs - which we know to be a euphoric feeling.

CBD & THC are both capable of interacting with our brains and bodies. The kicker is both do not possess the same amount of effectiveness. Scientists have shown that THC is over a thousand times more potent than CBD. So that means the amount of THC needed is much lower than the amount of CBD needed. 

The facts are there is really no guarantee that one is better than the other. We at Savage CBD believe that there are huge benefits to using CBD without THC, because you will not get that euphoric high feeling, and taking CBD in higher doses (like CBD isolate) has shown the ability to help people in their every day lives. So the real answer to the question is our clients and what they prefer. 

If you're looking for something to help you in everyday life then CBD is probably for you, but if you're looking for something to get you that "high" feeling than maybe something with THC might be better suited for you. At Savage CBD we use only the highest quality of CBD that we can find to produce our products.

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  • I have seen where there are strands of marijuana that help with certain things better. Is this the same with cbd

    Joe Mannan on

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