How To Use CBD Flowers

How To Use CBD Flower

In our previous blog we explained what are CBD flowers and now we would like to introduce to you, in case you are still curious on how to use CBD flowers. The idea of CBD flowers might sound intimidating and the topic of CBD might still be taboo for some, but we hope to educate you on why CBD might be something you should consider.

Using CBD

People are using CBD for a wide range of reasons and with more and more studies coming from the FDA it’s no wonder why CBD has gained so much popularity. You might have seen ads on CBD or have seen it at your local gas station but a question you might have is what kind of CBD should you be using. There are different ways for you to use CBD and it varies depending on your preference. Some people don’t like the taste of hemp so they take CBD using CBD gummies or they add a couple of drops to their food or drink through CBD Tinctures. If you are the type of person who enjoys the taste of hemp then CBD flowers are for you.

Why Use CBD Flowers?

The reason why you should use CBD flowers is because it’s CBD in its purest form. It hasn’t been processed, diluted, or extracted. You are receiving CBD directly through the plant with no fillers to make it taste different. CBD flowers are meant for people who enjoy the marijuana taste but not necessarily enjoy the way it makes them feel because of the THC. CBD flowers will not get you but it smells, taste, and looks exactly like the Marijuana that does get you high. CBD flowers are legal because they contain .03 THC or lower which is the Federal Limit according to The Farm Bill. So using CBD flowers is all about preference but there are different methods of enjoying CBD flowers.

Smoking CBD Flowers

An option you have when using CBD flowers is the ability to smoke it like you would Marijuna or Tobacco products. You are able to roll it up yourself with hand roll papers or you are able to add it to a smoking device like a pipe, bong, or hookah. Unlike Marijuana smoking CBD flowers does not produce the same throat irritation or coughing effect. The CBD flowers when smoked produce a light cannabis flavor. Due to the difference in Marijuana and CBD flowers it shouldn’t give you the red eyes, or cottonmouth. There is no nicotine in the CBD flowers so it shouldn’t produce the light headed feeling that a tobacco cigarette would. You are not getting high so when consumed you should not get the munchies unless you were hungry prior to smoking CBD flowers.

Cooking with CBD Flowers

A popular way to consume CBD flowers are through baking and cooking methods. We have written a blog on how to cook with CBD oil. The thing to consider when cooking with any form of CBD, whether it is in oil or flower form is temperature. Using the right temperature can vary between 320° - 350° Fahrenheit. You want to make sure when cooking with CBD flowers that you don’t burn the CBD flower or use high temperature, otherwise you will burn off the CBD and just have cooked hemp.

Dishes to Make

Popular items to make using CBD flowers include: CBD infused Brownies, CBD infused Butter, CBD infused Oils, CBD infused Cookies, CBD infused Salad Dressings, and more.

Pro Tip: To infuse the CBD flowers with oil or butter you will need to grind the CBD flowers using an herb grinder and place in a casserole pan or a lined baking tray, bake the CBD flowers between 60-90 minutes in 245° Fahrenheit. Once baked add to a pan in lowest setting heat and add your favorite butter or oil and cook for about 30 minutes. Once infused place in a strainer and discard remains and keep the oil or butter.

Your Preference

Choosing to use CBD flowers comes down to your preference. All of our Savage CBD products are great but some people prefer a more natural, wholesome feel so we came out with our CBD flowers product line. We currently carry our Richie Rich strain that comes in a preroll, which eliminates you having to roll the CBD flower yourself or and we have 3 different amounts for you to choose from which include the 1 gram, ⅛ and our ¼.

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