How To Tell Your Friends and Family About CBD

How To Tell Your Friends and Family About CBD

This may be shocking to know but many people still don't know what CBD is. Therefore, we decided to come up with this How-To tutorial on how to tell your friends and family about CBD. Due to Marijuana and Hemp's past a lot people are still weary about trying CBD. This will provide you  some positive reinforcement on how to answer some common questions people have about CBD. We want people you know to enjoy CBD as much as you do; or you might be one these people who still have your doubts. Whatever the case may be, here is how you can educate those around you about CBD.

CBD Will Not Get You High

Snoop Dogg Getting High

Here is one of the most common concerns about CBD. No, it's not Marijuana and it will not get you high. Also, CBD that is above 0.03% THC (The stuff that gets you high) is illegal under the 2018 Farm Bill. You can rest assured that you won't get the same psychoactive effects from CBD that you would from Marijuana (Cannabis). Our Savage CBD product line doesn't come from Marijuana, it comes from Hemp which is a big difference. Farmers grow Marijuana because it has high THC and low CBD while Hemp has high CBD and low THC. This is one of the major differences and why CBD won't get you high.

People use CBD for the other compounds found in Henp. However, you can pick how much of these other compounds you want or if you just want straight CBD. If you want more CBD and less of the other stuff than CBD Isolate is for you. This has the most CBD and less of the other compounds found in Hemp. But, if you want more of the other compounds with CBD than Full Spectrum is the right choice for you. Also, there exist other types of CBD that are in the middle such as Broad Spectrum.

Different Ways To Enjoy CBD

Other questions you may encounter are how do you use CBD? You may have your preferred method but everyone is different. So, you might enjoy vaping it or using CBD tinctures but some might not prefer that way. Here are some products first-time CBD users enjoy:

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

These are sweet CBD Gummies that come with a good amount of CBD in each Gummie. It has CBD Isolate which is a great option for anyone not comfortable with THC. However, all CBD can still have some traces of THC just not enough to get you high. Each CBD Gummie contains 50 mg of CBD so one CBD Gummie should be more than enjoyable. We've noticed this product is great for beginners because it has a familiar taste. Also, they're delicious regardless of the CBD in them!

Sharing CBD Information

CBD Meme

We've all been there before when we found out how amazing CBD is. You want to tell the whole world what CBD has done for you, and this is good. Sharing information can be difficult if you are also new to CBD; we recommend letting the CBD speak for itself. Some people just need to try it for themselves; which is fine. If they want to try it there is a WELCOME15 coupon that gives them 15% off their entire first order. This will give them an opportunity to try CBD after you tell them about CBD!

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