How To Maximize Your CBD Experience

How To Maximize Your CBD Experience

You might have heard of people with chronic conditions saying how amazing CBD is. This might have caused you to ask  yourself - how can you benefit from CBD like others have. There are a couple of things to consider in order to maximize your CBD experience which we'll be covering.

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Building Up Your System

Building Up Your System

There is no - one size fits all approach when it comes to CBD. This is because everyone's biology is different, and what might work for someone may not work for someone else. Therefore building up CBD into your system and daily routine can be tricky. However, it can produce great results.

What we recommend is start off by micro-dosing; this is the process of taking small amounts of CBD and eventually working your way up. This is the perfect way to find out how much CBD to take and be comfortable with.

Endocannabinoid System

When you begin to incorporate CBD daily it can stimulate your endocannabinoid system  or ECS. What the ECS does is it works with certain bodily functions such as your metabolism, mood, sleep etc. One of the core components of the ECS includes the Endocannabinoid receptors.

It's important to note the 2 main ECS receptors - CBD1 Receptors which are in the central nervous system; and CB2 Receptors found in immune cells and peripheral nervous system. CBD lightly binds these receptors when consumed but experiences can vary.

Give CBD Time to Work

Give CBD Time to Work

Unlike Cannabis, CBD does not start to work the moment you take it. This can discourage many people who are looking for instant relief. The common assumption is that when you take CBD it will start to work immediately making your problems go away. At least, that's how many companies have marketed their products.

We don't blame you for thinking this way, however, for many people these statements are not true. It can take a couple of days, weeks, or even a month or 2 before you get any results. However, the results you get might not be the ones you were expecting.

What If Nothing Happens?

What we've noticed is that people will try a product once and stop if nothing happened. This falls back to building up your system and finding the right amount to take.  If you're not getting the results you're looking for you can either increase the amount; or you can always look for a different product or company.

Another thing to consider is what results were you looking to obtain from that product? see what people are saying online about a specific product. This can help you determine if you want to start taking that specific type of CBD for that specific reason.

The Type of CBD

The Type of CBD

When you're figuring out what type of CBD to take you'll want to consider the strain, and the extract type. CBD comes in different strains which includes: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.


When you think of Indica think of the phrase "In the couch" because it's associated with mellow properties.


This strain has more of an active connotation - meant to make you more awake. Also, it's known to have more of mind simulation properties. 


The Hybrid strain is a mix of Indica and Sativa giving you the best of both worlds. Most CBD products don't have the strain labeled; but they tend to have the properties associated with them such as active or relaxing type of CBD. 

CBD Extracts

The type of extract is very important when deciding what type of CBD you want to take. Two of the most common forms of extracts include Full Spectrum and Isolate. If you just want CBD then the Isolate is the best pick between the two. However, if you want all the additional properties from the Hemp plant; this includes terpenes, nutrients, and other cannabinoids then Full Spectrum is the best route.

The reason why some people prefer CBD isolate is because it has less THC than Full Spectrum. Although Full Spectrum has less than 0.03% THC some people want the least amount of THC possible.

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Doing Your Own Research

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As we stated earlier, what results are you looking to obtain from CBD? It's important to know what you're getting into before investing in CBD products. This includes not only researching CBD but the company you are purchasing from as well. With the growth of CBD many companies are starting to emerge with competitive pricing.

Not all CBD quality is the same and results can vary depending on the vendor. Doing your own research can save you the trouble of finding out the hard way if a product is good. Also, look into what product will accommodate your lifestyle.

Different Types of CBD Products

If you're a person who is familiar with vaping then CBD Vape Juice might be the perfect fit for you. However, a person who has never vaped might find this product difficult to use. Figuring out what type of product will work best for you is very important.

You'll want to enjoy your CBD according to your lifestyle and preference. Also, it's important to note that certain products work faster then others. For example - anything that we drink or eat takes time for our bodies to metabolize. However, anything that we inhale such as vape or smoke tends to kick in a lot faster. Finally, anything that we apply to our skin will take longer to absorb.

Other Things To Consider

Other Things To Consider

We can't stress enough that individual experiences may vary. Also, going to back to the ECS everyone's is unique; that's the reason why a person can have a different experience than someone else. Everyone's ECS is unique and can function differently which means you can have more of fewer receptors. The differences in numbers can result in how fast or slowly they metabolize materials in your body.

This is why some people can take high amounts and not feel anything while others take small amounts and feel a difference right away. Finally, if you have any prior medical condition it is important to ask your doctor if it's ok take CBD. This is very important if you are taking any form of medication; you want to be sure it wont negatively affect any medicine that you're currently on.

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