How To Make CBD Infused Oil

How To Make CBD Infused Oil

There are many ways to enjoy CBD, but a lesser know method is through CBD infused oil. Making CBD infused oil is fun and helps you be creative; not to mention that it impresses at dinner parties. In addition, it's a good way to help you incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Making this infused oil is not as difficult as you may think. We will be walking you through the process on how to turn boring food into CBD goodness.

Where To Start

First and foremost you will need to chose your favorite oil - this can include olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Afterwards, picking the right CBD product to use: we recommend using CBD flower. Once you have picked your oil and CBD flower it's time to for you to start prepping. Also, you can include other herbs and spices to make things interesting and to add a kick to your oil.

Kitchen Tools

  • Herb Grinder
  • Casserole Dish or Lined Baking Pan
  • Strainer
  • Cooking Pan

Using CBD Flower

CBD flowers are the flowers of the female hemp plants which are grown with low levels of THC and high levels of cannabinoids. Just like regular CBD these have non-psychoactive effects when consumed. Other names for CBD flowers include CBD buds, and hemp buds. CBD flowers contain cannabidiols, terpenes, and flavonoids and have a strong hemp smell.

Using CBD flowers is ideal for infusing because CBD Flowers are unprocessed and more natural. You are able to create your own unique way of incorporating CBD without any additional ingredients. If it's your first time working with CBD Flower we recommend using our Lifter Sauce CBD Flower 1 Gram. This gives you the right amount of CBD flower to use and also this is one of our most popular products.

Making CBD Infused Oil

Now that you have your preferred oil, kitchen utensils, and CBD flower it's time to start.

Step 1

Grind the CBD Flower using your herb grinder : Using the right amount can be tricky because when using raw CBD flower the strengths can vary. We recommend using at least half an ounce of CBD flower.

Step 2

Set oven at 245° Fahrenheit and bake the CBD flower for about 60-90 minutes: Higher temperatures can damage the CBD in the Flower so be careful if you decide to modify the temperatures. Temperatures should not exceed above 350°.

Step 3

Once it's finished baking add it to a pan in the lowest heat setting, adding your favorite oil, and cook for about 30 minutes: You can also use butter instead of oil if you prefer, or try adding dry herbs or your favorite fragrant ingredients to the oil/butter.

Step 4

Once infused place in a strainer and discard remains and keep the oil: You can place the oil in a jar, pan, or freeze it to store it for months at a time. You can now use your oil to cook with or add it to your favorite dishes, sauces, or salads. Just be mindful of the burning temperatures which is about 350° Fahrenheit.

NOTE:  The amount of oil that you use depends on how much you want to make and how potent you want the infused oil to be.Also, try adding some dry herbs or fragrant ingredients into whatever you decide to store your infused oil in.

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