How To Earn Money From CBD Through Our Affiliate Program

How To Earn Money From CBD Through Our Affiliate Program

 Most people who try CBD end up falling in love with it and for a good reason. What many people don’t know is that you can cash in on CBD through our affiliate program. Chances are that you are already telling people how great CBD is so why not make some money for something you love. With our affiliate program you are able to earn commission, and possibly get free samples to try.

Get Started with our CBD Affiliate Program

In order to start our CBD affiliate program you will have to visit Under “Information” you will need to click on "Affiliate Program" then fill out the form. In order to receive your payouts you will need to have or create a Paypal account. Paypal accounts are completely free and you will need to link your personal banking account to your paypal account. Commissions are paid out monthly so when you submit your application make sure your information is correct. Please note, you are not becoming an employee, but you are making money from valid referrals of confirmed purchases.

Tips on Marketing

Once you have successfully enrolled you can now start earning money. Many of our affiliates earn money through social media channels and word of mouth. You can also to hand out our flyers to help spread the word. A pro tip is joining  groups on Social Media where you are able to have open discussions. Through these forums you can promote your code for people to make purchases from the site. You can track your sales and commissions you have generated via our easy-to-use dashboard at You are provided a unique tracking code upon enrollment which is what you will post and share with your friends and family. Please note that all purchases must be made online and can’t be canceled or returned after purchase.

Sign Up Today

Aside from earning 35% commission on the percentage of sale, if your advertising strategy and website qualifies, you may be eligible to review our new products. We provide free samples for select partners and yours may qualify. We also provide weekly coupons and offers. We also have new deals every week to share with your fans, on your social media channels and where ever else you can share the news about SavageCBD.

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