How to Avoid Counterfeit CBD Products

How to Avoid Counterfeit CBD Products
CBD is fast becoming one of the more popular supplements available in the market. If you are interested in this product, it’s crucial to know how to identify real CBD to avoid any counterfeit or low-value alternatives.

If you are a keen health and wellness enthusiast, then you have most likely heard about the introduction of CBD into the supplement market. This product has continued to grow in popularity due to the many benefits that come with its consumption. However, this popularity has also resulted in some setbacks - as some opportunists have tried to take advantage of the product’s demand. You need to be cautious about where you buy your CBD from, as not all suppliers are trustworthy. Some sellers are simply out to make a quick buck and will sell you anything from counterfeit products to potentially toxic alternatives.

There are some methods through which you can evaluate the quality of CBD on offer to avoid purchasing toxic or fake products. Most of these methods involve conducting some simple research concerning the means of production applied by a manufacturer. Asking a few simple questions before you buy an item can help you gauge the potential quality that can be enjoyed from the product.

Some of the means through which you can identify quality CBD include:

The Manufacturing Process

How the CBD is made is a very important factor when determining the quality and safety levels of the product. This manufacturing process mainly has to do with the way in which the CBD is extracted. The method applied can determine how safe the product is for consumption, as well as the level of quality enjoyed.

There are two main extraction methods that are applied by reliable manufacturers, namely, extraction using a pharmaceutical-grade ethanol solvent, and supercritical CO2 extraction. These two techniques are generally considered to produce the best quality of real CBD, as they provide the highest quantities of cannabidiols from the extraction process. Most companies offer information about the extraction methods online, or after a direct query from a customer.

Some irresponsible manufacturers have taken to using potentially dangerous chemicals during the extraction process such as propane and butane. These methods allow them to provide their products at attractively low costs, but can possibly get you sick as well. It is wise to avoid these kinds of items, no matter how affordable they are.

The Source of the CBD

Where the crop used to manufacture the CBD was grown is another important factor. One of the primary characteristics of the hemp plant is its hyper-accumulative capabilities. This means that it can easily absorb the contents of the ground it’s planted on in great quantities. If the plant is cultivated in a land rich with toxins and other harmful elements, then these dangerous components will also be present in the final product.

It is advisable to seek manufacturers that use hemp plants grown in the USA, as farmers in this region are required to maintain certain standards for certification by the State Departments of Agriculture.
In conclusion, before you buy the product, you should go through the different retailers available and find the one with the best reviews from their consumers.

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