How Our Orange CBD Tincture Is Different

How Our Orange CBD Tincture Is Different

We have recently added an Orange Full Spectrum CBD Tincture to our CBD Oil roster. It is now one of our most popular CBD Tinctures on our site. Howbeit, it's still a bit new for us but you might not have realize that it's different. We will be explaining how our Orange CBD Tincture is different and why you'll fall in-love with it.

Orange CBD Tincture Ingredients

How Our Orange CBD Tincture Is Different

You might be familiar with the Full Spectrum CBD that we have added to our Orange CBD Tincture. An ingredient you might not be so familiar with is the CBG+ that we have added. Although, Full Spectrum CBD has many Hemp properties we specifically added additional CBG+. Here is a a breakdown to better understand what CBG is:

What is CBG?

CBG stands for Cannabigerol; this is a Cannabinoid that is found in the Hemp plant. CBD already comes with CBG depending on what type of CBD you get; but it comes in small traces. We added more CBG to our Orange CBD Tincture.  CBG tends to interact directly with our CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in our brain. Whereas, CBD acts mostly indirectly with our endocannabinoid system. In other words, CBG is a more direct approach to CBD but there's a not a lot of products on the market with CBG; this is because CBG is more difficult to extract. You will need to extract it from more hemp plants in order to produce high amounts of CBG.

Typically, Hemp plants can produce 20% of CBD and only 1% of CBG. You will then need to extract 20 times the amount of CBG to produce the same amount as you would CBD. If CBD is in it's infancy stages then CBG is still being born. This means that it's going to take some time before mainstream CBD users catch onto CBG. This is good news for you because you get to try it first.

Other Ingredients

We have added 500 mg of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 to keep you going. A study by Dr. Moyad of the University of Michigan stated that 500 mg of Vitamin C is a good daily amount to take. Also, that unless you are eating plenty of fruits and veggies; he recommends taking some form of Vitamin C to get you to 500 mg a day. Keep in mind that the safe limit of vitamin C is 2,000 mg. So, taking our Orange CBD Tincture should be perfectly fine.

Also, according to the Mayo Clinic Vitamin B6 can be found in certain foods like fish, potatoes, chickpeas, or bananas. Certain circumstances in your body can leave you Vitamin B6 deficient. Although our Orange CBD Tincture is not meant to treat or cure any illnesses it is still an amazing product to take. This is because we have added additional ingredients that we have never added to our other CBD Tinctures. You will taste subtle notes of oranges but they are not overwhelming.

Adding Orange CBD Tinctures to Food and Drinks

Adding Orange CBD Tinctures to Food and Drinks

You will love adding our Orange CBD Tincture to your food and drinks. All of our tinctures are sugar free and have subtle flavors.  This means that you will love adding our Orange CBD Tinctures to give your drinks an extra kick of CBD. Our CBD Infused Orange Slush Recipe is one of our most popular recipes. It is perfect for summer and it taste delicious! Here are some other ways to enjoy our Orange CBD Tincture; Add a couple of drops to cake frosting - herbal teas - iced teas - desserts - cookies - and other baked good.

We have found that adding it to cold, iced drinks is the best. Also, we have discovered that it compliments drinks and desserts that have citrus flavors.  There is really no wrong way of taking it. If you're more of a traditional person that taking sublingual is the best. This is adding a couple of drops under your tongue and waiting about 30 seconds before swallowing. This allows your body to slowly begin to absorb the CBD.

How Our Orange CBD Tincture Is Different

Orange CBD Tincture Is Different

What is important to note is that this tincture has Full Spectrum CBD. The main difference aside from the flavor is the fact that we have added CBG. Other ingredients that we have added include Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. This is an amazing flavor that is quickly becoming popular. You will notice the difference between this CBD Tincture and other CBD Tinctures that are out there. Last year we won awards for our CBD Tinctures and we're sure we're going to win more awards this year.

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