Hemp Oil Versus CBD Oils

Hemp Oil Versus CBD Oils

What exactly is this CBD stuff?

Cannabidiol or more commonly referred to as CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. It's one of the hundreds of different compounds found in the Cannabis plant.

CBD Oils Vs Hemp Oils

CBD isolate is 99% CBD which means that it should contain non-detectable amounts of THC, so virtually no THC at all.

Now there is also Full Spectrum CBD which contains trace amounts of THC, this can be very tricky because the legal limit is .03% or lower so make sure you do your research before buying CBD from a company.

Savage CBD offers both Isolate and Full Spectrum products.


In CBD oils natural form it looks like most other hemp plants. There are many different processes that are used to extract CBD Oil but at Savage CBD we prefer a CO2 Extraction.

Hemp Oil

How do you know if you're buying hemp oil or CBD oil? The best way to tell is to research the company you are buying from. A lot of companies should be forthcoming about which is which. 

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