Finding the Savage CBD's Best Strength For You

Finding the Savage CBD's Best Strength For You

At Savage CBD we receive hundreds of messages daily from so many of you who have started and been using our Savage CBD products for stress, anxiety, focus, and an overall better mood. This makes us so grateful to be a part of your journey!

Now, if you're just getting started with CBD, you may not know what dosage to take or maybe you haven't gotten the results that you want. This does not mean that CBD isn't working you just maybe haven't found the right strength yet.

Savage CBD is available in an array of different strengths to fit almost everyone's needs.

We recommend the following:

· Start with a smaller dose 

· Try switching up the time of day, night might work better for most - closer to bedtime.

· CBD does take time to build up in the system - give it a few weeks of consistent dosing.

· Think about your surroundings, try a relaxed place that you can breath.

· Starting a log of how and when you dose may unlock some key clues to how your body responds to CBD

And keep in mind if you don't feel anything - dont give up on CBD, this just means you maybe haven't found your proper dosage or strength yet.

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