Does CBD Expire

Does CBD Expire?

If you've ever purchased a bottle of CBD you know that it can last you a while. Although CBD doesn't necessarily come with an expiration it can go down in quality after some time. We will be exploring things you need to know about CBD and we'll be explaining if CBD expires.

Does CBD Expire?

Does CBD actually expire? Not necessarily. The quality of the product or taste can go down but CBD doesn't come with an exact expiration date. The longer you hold on to CBD the lower potency your product will have. In other words, your CBD can begin to go down in quality the longer you hold on to it. This is another reason why we recommend taking CBD daily. Not only does this help you enjoy CBD more, but it also helps you retain its quality. How potent the CBD remains depends on the type of CBD you get.

CBD Tinctures

Cucumber Mint Full Spectrum Tincture

A CBD Tincture can expire depending on a couple of factors. If you hold on to a CBD Tincture for a year or 2 chances are it's no longer as potent. Also, lower quality CBD products tend to expire a lot faster than good quality CBD Tinctures. We've noticed CBD Tinctures extracted using solvents result in a shorter shelf life. This is because it produces more unstable CBD that will not last as long vs the C02 extraction method.

To make your CBD Tinctures last longer we recommend storing them in a dark place. Sunlight and heat can cause oxidation and can also cause it to begin evaporating. Once the oils in your CBD Tincture begins to separate it's probably no longer as good. You might even notice the difference in taste so we recommend storing it properly and using it often.

CBD Topicals

Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

When using CBD Topicals you want to make sure you're getting the best quality. It's a lot easier to notice if a CBD Topical has expired because it will look dried out. Also, this depends on the type of CBD Topical you purchased; which usually includes creams, lotions, or anything that goes on the skin.

The shelf life of a CBD Topical is usually about a year. This depends on how properly you store the product. Some products can dry out faster than others if not stored or sealed properly. To make sure you are storing your CBD properly it's important to follow the instructions on the label. You want to take care of your investment by following the directions on the label.

CBD Edibles

CBD Gummies

Now, this one is pretty straight forward to determine the quality of. You will be able to tell almost immediately if the quality of the product is still good or not. This is because you'll be able to taste the difference between fresh or stale. Also, you'll be able to tell if the product is fresh or not because of the color. If it's no longer a bright, and vibrant color it's probably no longer fresh. Once again, this probably doesn't mean it's longer good but it won't be enjoyable.

A couple of pro-tips include storing them in a resealable bag to ensure freshness. The product begins to oxidize if not sealed properly. So, you want to ensure you are sealing the CBD Edible properly when not eating it. Just like our other CBD products we recommend storing in a cool, dark space. Keep in mind that the longer you have the product the more potency it will lose throughout time.

What To Do With Expired CBD

What To Do With Expired CBD

If you think your CBD has expired because you haven't used it in a while you have some options. First of all, try to remember when you purchased your CBD. You normally receive a confirmation email if you've purchased your CBD Online. If it's been less than a year then you should be fine. Some products can last up to 2 years if stored properly. Also, smell and taste the product if there are no visible signs of mold. If you can see mold or if it's an off color then we recommend to discard immediately. If it visibly looks normal then you can taste it to make sure it's still good. This process happens often to people who have lost or forgotten they had CBD.

We always ensure quality in all of our CBD products. If you ever receive any product from any company that looks questionable; we recommend contacting them immediately and notifying them about their product. If you purchased it from a local shop then we recommend you reach out to them directly. You want to make sure you're getting quality products so if in doubt you need to ask! The online store or local shop might send you a new bottle and ask for the old bottle back. If they offer no resolution it might be time to look for a new shop.

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