Different CBD for Different Moods

Different CBD for Different Moods

What you like depends on what your mood is and different CBD is best for different types of moods. We take this into account and that is why we offer different products with different types of CBD in it. You are able to take different versions of CBD depending on your mood; so we came up with a quick guide to help you set the right mood. In this guide you'll find what kind of CBD we recommend depending on what your mood is.

Working Mood

If you feel like working and you know you have long hours ahead of you there are 2 products that we recommend.

Revive CBD Wellness Shot

If you are looking at a long night or an early morning you'll love our Revive CBD Wellness Shot. This CBD Wellness Shot gives you the perfect amounts of vitamins, ginseng, electrolytes, and caffeine. Also, this product contains Nano-Spectrum CBD which greatly compliments this revive shot.

What makes this Wellness Shot perfect to get you into the work mood aside from the CBD is the caffeine and vitamins. This product contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and also the vitamins add for an extra boost. You will also get plenty of vitamin C as well as electrolytes and ginseng.

Active Full Spectrum CBD Pen

If you enjoy vaping CBD you will fall in love with this Active Full Spectrum CBD Pen. Just like our Revive Wellness Shot it also comes infused with caffeine, but it comes packed with Full Spectrum CBD. The terpenes in this product also makes for a great CBD experience.

Our Active CBD Pen comes infused with a Maui Wowie flavor that taste very tropical. We also use CBD Sativa that makes for a great experience if you are looking to get in the mood to get work done.

Chill Mood

When you are ready to call it a day and get into a chill mood there are a couple of products that we recommend.

Relax CBD Epsom Salts

Relax CBD Epsom Salts

After a long day there is no better way to relax than with a nice warm bath. What better way to enjoy a warm bath than by adding some Relax CBD Epsom Salts to it. These Epsom Salts not only include Nano-Spectrum CBD  but it also includes sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, aloe vera extract, and more. What makes this product so great is that you are able to enjoy the CBD and get the full experience.

Relax Full Spectrum CBD Pen

When you're ready to get into a chill mood you can vape a Relax Full Spectrum CBD Pen. This CBD pen is infused with an Apple Kush flavor and it's a hybrid strain of CBD. This means you're getting a mixture of indica and sativa  as well as full spectrum Hemp extracts and Terpenes.

What makes this CBD pen so chill is the fact that you can vape it whenever you feel the mood to. It comes with a built in charging port so you can recharge this CBD pen whenever you like. It already has a preset temperature so you just vape as you please and it's disposable.

Sweets Mood

If you you're in the mood for something sweet we got the right CBD products for you. All of our CBD edibles and drink mix come sweetened with sugar.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

One of our most popular products is our CBD Gummies for of different reasons. We believe one of the major reasons why they are so popular is because they are convenient and easy to take. They come in a resealable bag and you can take as many as you want depending on how much CBD you want.

The flavor is amazing and is something already familiar to most people. If you are craving something sweet we highly recommend these CBD infused gummy worms.

CBD Drink Mix

Another product that we carry is our CBD Drink Mix. This CBD infused drink mix is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a sweet CBD drink. They come in different flavors ranging from Lemonade, Orange-Ade, and Pink Lemonade.

If you are looking for something more long lasting for when you get those sweet cravings we recommend our CBD Drink Mix. Just one scoop added to your drink will satisfy that sweet craving but you are able to add more if you like. We also use Nano-Spectrum CBD in all of our drink mixes so you're getting the best CBD on the market.

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