Common Questions About CBD

Common Questions About CBD

With the ever growing popularity of CBD the lines between facts and myths can start to get blurry. Also, we receive many questions about what CBD can do. Therefore we want to help you out by answering some common questions about CBD. This includes what can CBD do for you, facts about pet CBD, cooking with CBD, and different types of CBD.

Can CBD Help Me with ::Insert Name of Medical Condition Here:: ?

Can CBD Help Me with

We hear great testimonials from our customers on how CBD has helped them tremendously. However, it's not a cure-all remedy that can help treat or cure any medical condition. Many companies and people have listed great stories on how taking CBD has changed their lives. The problem is that what worked for one person may not work for another. Also, the FDA has not approved CBD to cure or treat any medical condition. With that said: Can CBD help you with a specific problem? there is not enough research yet. Is it worth trying it anyways? As long as you get your doctor's approval.

Although CBD is safe you'll want to get your doctors okay if you're taking medication. You don't know how it will interact with your medication; so you'll want to make sure your medication won't negatively interact with the CBD. It's always best to check in with your doctor especially if you have a compromised immune system. CBD is different for every person so you'll never get the same experience as someone else who has tried it. For some it's the greatest product to ever exist! - but for others they didn't feel anything. It's not that the CBD is no good, it's just that your body might be producing high amounts of cannabinoids.

How Much CBD Do I Give My Pet?

How Much CBD Do I Give My Pet

One of our most popular products includes our CBD for Pets products. As the name implies, CBD is also for pets which can include cats and dogs. You will want to consider your pets weight, the strength of the CBD, and the milligram dosages. Start with 1 mg of CBD per every 10 pounds of your pets’ body weight once or twice a daily. It's a good idea to start off small then eventually increase the dosage. You will want to monitor your pets behavior the first couple of times to make sure it's enjoying it. CBD itself is non-toxic so “overdosing” on CBD typically won’t result in fatalities; but the most common side-effects include sedation and over-active appetites.

We carry 3 different types of products that are for pets. You will only want to use Pet CBD as regular CBD could be harmful for them. The type of CBD that you use on your pet depends on the method you want to apply it. One of the easiest and more popular ways is using the Full Spectrum CBD Pet Spray. You can spray it directly unto your pets food/water or spray it right into their mouth. The ingredients include Coconut oil and Full Spectrum CBD; real simple ingredients that are pet safe. Also, it's important to note that it's safe for human consumption.

Cooking With CBD

Cooking With CBD

One question you might be wondering is how to cook with CBD. It's important to note that extreme heat can make CBD lose its properties which include: flavonoids, terpenes, and additional cannabinoids. The boiling point for CBD can range between 320° - 350° Fahrenheit. You will want to add CBD to cooked or raw foods for best results. However, it is possible to infuse CBD into oils or baked food; this includes salad dressing, desserts, and sauces. A popular product to add to drinks includes our CBD Tinctures. They blend well with most drinks and can enhance the flavor or add a kick to it. However, there is one product that is ideal for cooking, baking, and infusing oil.

If you can find some CBD, it's the best product when cooking with CBD. This is because it's raw and can be infused into oils, butters, and sauces. When we say "raw" we are referring to the unprocessed hemp flower. This means that it has not gone through any extraction process - you are getting 100% Hemp. We recommend using an herb grinder to break down the Hemp to make it easier to work with. Also, you will need a good strainer if you're infusing Hemp into oils. One last thing to note is if you're baking CBD you will want to bake at a lower temperature. This will result in your food taking longer to bake but you'll avoid running the CBD.

Which Type Of CBD is Better?

Which Type Of CBD is Better

A lot more cannabinoids are now at the center of attention. These include CBDA, CBN, CBG, Delta 8 THC, THCV, etc. There are over 144 different types of cannabinoids but these are some of the most recognized ones. Although these cannabinoids are present in Full Spectrum CBD you're only getting small amounts of them at a time. Just like CBD - which is a cannabinoid in the Hemp plant - different ones are being concentrated. The result is different cannabinoids are now available instead of just CBD.

You might be wondering which type of CBD is better at this point. As stated earlier - the answer is not so straight forward because everyone reacts differently to CBD. If classic CBD doesn't have any effect on you then trying CBG or other cannabinoid extract might be best. Each cannabinoid in the Hemp plant has different functions and causes different reactions. Finding which one works best for you is very important for that reason.

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