Choosing The Right CBD For You

Choosing The Right CBD For You
The market is saturated with brand new CBD products and celebrity endorsed CBD. With all this hype around CBD we want to help you make the right choice when purchasing CBD. Choosing the right CBD for you may seem complicated but it all comes down to what you prefer. We will be breaking down different factors to consider when choosing the right CBD for you.

What Is Your Preference?

What are you most comfortable with is a good place to start. Are you comfortable with vaping CBD or do you prefer not vaping at all. Are you very much into beauty products or are you constantly on the go and have no time to sit and lather yourself? Do you enjoy tea? Do you like sweets!? These are all major factors to consider because CBD is an investment and if you can’t take advantage of the rich properties of CBD you will not receive all of the benefits attributed with CBD. CBD should accommodate your lifestyle and should be incorporated into your daily routine. The biggest mistake a lot of newcomers make when they start CBD is they don’t pick the CBD that accommodates their lifestyle.

Are CBD Gummies The Way To Go?

A lot of newcomers to CBD prefer taking CBD gummies, why? Because they are convenient, easy to take, and something people are already familiar with. Anything with sugar tends to taste good so taking CBD gummies might be something you are comfortable with. The sugar tends to mask the taste of CBD so you are still receiving the benefits of CBD without the hemp aftertaste and our CBD Gummies taste like regular gummy worms

What About CBD Tinctures?

Another popular way of taking CBD are through CBD Tinctures. They are taken sublingually and come in different flavors. The consistency is like oil and it coats your mouth when taken. CBD tinctures conveniently come with droppers and different strengths depending on your preference. This is a very popular product due to its ability ability to be added to drinks and food. We have also made a CBD infused tea recipe for you to be able to try and enjoy our CBD Tinctures.

CBD Topicals

If you are into beauty or don’t like the idea of ingesting CBD another great option for you are the CBD Topicals. Topicals are a way for you to enjoy CBD through your skin instead of ingesting it or having to smoke it. The way it works is single out a spot on your skin that you would like to apply CBD to and allow it to set and get absorbed directly through your skin. Our line of CBD topicals include aloe vera, lotion, balm, rollon and sunscreen. This is ideal for a person who wants to apply CBD to a specific part of their body while enjoying CBD.

CBD Vape

For those who are looking for an alternative to vaping nicotine there is CBD Vape. The way it works is you fill your vape device with CBD E-Juice or you can purchase a CBD vape and enjoy the CBD. You inhaling CBD through your vape device and it works just like a regular vape except it is recommended you vape CBD at a low wattage because you don’t want to burn off the CBD. We have also written a blog on what wattage should you be vaping CBD at.

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