CBD Vapes & Quitting Cigarettes

CBD Vapes & Quitting Cigarettes
So here's a question we get asked a lot "can CBD Vape Juice help me quit smoking?" There's no easy answer to this question. CBD could be a great solution, but kicking cigarettes can be tough, trust us we know. There have been some individuals that have quit smoking by using CBD Vape Juice. Let's take a look at a few things and dive into it.
What is CBD Vape Juice?
It's been said, and we will say it again, Savage CBD E-Liquid is handcrafted to perfection from people who came from the booming Vape industry. For more information on their parent company, you can find out more here. Here's the kicker, Savage CBD Vape Juice contains no nicotine, which some CBD companies continue to add nicotine to their CBD Vape Juice. Since Savage CBD uses CBD Isolate in the majority of their Vape Juices, it can contain a lot of beneficial components. What's also cool is people who have never smoked can benefit from vaping CBD.
What is Vaping and is it dangerous?
It's no secret that it is super tough to quit the stinkies aka cigarettes. Some tests show that only about 6% of people are successful in quitting completely. In 2003 a new alternative popped up, now widely known as vaping. I am sure by now you have heard or seen some vapers around or if you turn on a TV probably have seen vaping on television. CBD E-Liquid gives its users another delivery method in which to receive their CBD.
Vaping is still relatively new, and studies are still being conducted on the effects vaping has on the human body. But here is what we know, vaping contains thousands of fewer ingredients than cigarettes do - which can be good. It really depends on what's in the juice, so make sure you check lab tests from companies or even take a look at ours on our website.
How can CBD help me quit smoking?
There is some great evidence out there that vaping CBD can lead to quitting cigarettes completely. A study published around June 2018 showed that smokers who start vaping are more likely to quit. Another study from a College in London found that smokers who tried CBD were able to cut down on cigarettes by up to 40%
What does vaping CBD taste like?
Savage CBD Vape Juice is crafted to perfection from people who came from the vape industry, so if anyone knows how to make good flavors it's them. Savage CBD has over 9 different flavors to choose from, and they are all formulated to help mask the taste of the plant as much as possible to give the user a delicious vaping experience. Check them out.

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