CBD Pills For Pain

CBD Pills For Pain

When looking for medication to alleviate your pain, it's important to know how that product is actually produced and how its designed to work. Taking a look at CBD pills for pain we raise the bar compared to other products and produce a Full Spectrum blend that will actually work on most individuals. At Savage CBD we always try to source the best ingredients to help you, our clients.

It is equally important to us that you understand how CBD works with your body. We all have what's called an endocannabinoid system, which is a biological system that is made up different transmitters and receptors that work with cannabinoids and play a vital part in your central nervous system. 

The endocannabinoid system has two receptors - the CB1 (cannabinoid type 1) and the CB2 (cannabinoid type 2). Your central nervous system and brain contain and use the CB1 receptors while the other organs and white blood cells are full of the CB2 receptors. Both of these receptors work together to manage body functions such as sleep, pain, and many other functions.

CBD Isolate VS CBD Full Spectrum Pills

CBD pills can either be produced with Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD. Savage CBD's Full Spectrum extracts come from the hemp plant and are CBD rich giving our CBD Pills more potency and more power. All of our CBD pills are .3% or less THC as well. 

Using Isolate is just as good, especially if you are worried about a failed drug test or just don't want any THC at all. The downside with CBD isolate, is that since it is just pure CBD, you're not getting the full round of cannabinoids that Full Spectrum offers. The effects of Isolate vary from person to person, some people may love it and swear by it, while others say it doesn't work quite as well.

Types of Pain CBD can Help With

Anti-Inflammatory -  This is a big one. Anyone who has looked into CBD knows that it does have some anti-inflammatory properties to it. And as most of us know -usually what is the root of most pain? If you guessed 'areas that become inflamed' you are correct! Unlike pharmaceutical grade and over the counter drugs, which may have a list of side effects, CBD seems to have none if not hardly any side effects.

Muscle Pain - Whether you're a regular exerciser or your job required you to do physical activity, muscle pain definitely can be burdensome. When anyone experiences high levels of pain it's almost a direct effect on your quality of life. It may even become hard to do the easiest of tasks. When talking to people who have taken CBD Pills for pain management the results we're almost 100% positive across the board. Keep in mind CBD does affect everyone differently.

How to Use CBD Pills

We always recommend starting out small. Don't take too much to start. The number one questions we get is "how much CBD should I be taking?" and we always say "Start small and work up." 

It's true, it's much easier to work up to a proper dosage than overshoot the mark. When managing pain its important to take a smaller dose, see how you feel and slowly adjust from there until you reach a comfortable level of pain management. After talking to clients, people have said using smaller amounts of Savage CBD 's Pills actually work for most pain.

Also, take into consideration your bodily factors. Before consuming CBD pills think about your age, gender, and size. Maybe even consult a physician if you want to be very safe. Age may affect how fast you digest the CBD. As for gender men and women, both have different metabolisms. And lastly, your body weight will also determine how fast you feel the CBD and your absorption rate.


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