CBD Oils for Anxiety

CBD Oils for Anxiety

Cannabidiol or commonly referred is one of over 80 compounds in the cannabis plant. The main difference between CBD and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, but CBD has the potential to have lots of benefits as shown in many studies.

Another advantage that CBD holds is that it contains no THC, which means there is no high feeling as you would normally get with marijuana. 

Anxiety affects a HUGE amount of Americans, ranging from social anxiety, general anxiety to OCD and others like sleep deprivation and other fears. Tons of Americans with anxiety take a drug known as benzodiazepines, like Xanax, these meds can be very addictive and can make people feel sleepy and out of it. 

The thing about CBD Oil and CBD is, it doesn't create a side effects likes sleepiness or grogginess and isn't showing any signs of addictiveness. What does that mean? You can take advantage of CBD without those side effects from other drugs.

How Does CBD Work For My Anxiety?

CBD or Cannabidiol is comprised of cannabinoids and in humans we have whats called endocannabinoid system, so these things are already in our bodies! So CBD attaches to our system that already exists and is supposed to return our bodies to a homeostasis. Pretty neat right?

Using CBD For Anxiety

There are tons of products on the market with CBD, but at SavageCBD we try our best to bring products that will benefit the user and we aim to use the best ingredients and best practices for our CBD products. You can see all our products here.


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