CBD Oil Review

CBD Oil Review

Many of our clients come to us searching for the best CBD brand out there. Most of them agree that Savage CBD is the best price, most potent, and purest product on the market today. When you visit SavageCBD.com you will find an ever-growing selection of CBD products to use in a variety of ways. There is, of course, the debate of CBD Isolate VS Full Spectrum CBD, and we use both so everybody can win.

Since the beginning, Savage CBD has strived for excellence, and part of excellence comes with a certain level of complete transparency. That is why when you search through our products you will find reviews, ingredients, and lab tests to back up our products and claims.

Why Clients Love Us

It's incredibly hard to stay humble when our customers consider us one of the leading CBD manufacturers, but we do it. Why? Because it's very easy to be at the top and to rest on our laurels - this leads to less innovation, less quality, and aloofness that we never want to possess. At this time our customers cannot get over our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures. They love the fact that they are all natural, non-GMO, lab tested, and pure. 

A website that I think most of us look up to, Ministry of Hemp, just put out a review about our CBD Tinctures, and they didn't have one bad thing to say about our products, in fact, they emailed us and asked if we could send more product for their podcast. This, of course, is just one review of many, you can google more yourself or visit our reviews tab on our website.

Our Tinctures are Perfect for CBD Enthusiasts

Our tinctures have taken off and gained more popularity than we were ultimately ready for. They are currently available in 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg and priced a little below market price. We currently offer two different flavors. A Lemon Lime Tincture, and a Pink Grape Fruit Tincture. Both are great to add to drinks, tea, food, or just to use sublingually.

Out of all our products, we found that reviewers that have tried CBD, or our clients can't believe how powerful these tinctures are, but also how good they actually taste when using them or "dosing".

At Savage CBD we know that we have to take each of customers needs seriously. We listen to everyone, and we take that into very strong consideration when releasing new products. As many of you can see we try to set the bar very high in this space and take pride in being one of the leaders in CBD. Please take a moment to read other Savage CBD Reviews so you can feel more confident you will be getting high-quality CBD products with every Savage CBD order. 


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