CBD Oil Infused Massages

CBD Oil Infused Massages

The latest trends to hit the CBD world are CBD oil infused massages and here's why. There is nothing more relaxing than getting a massage, and adding CBD into the equation makes for a win-win. In addition, CBD can be applied as a Topical for specific areas of the body. This means you will start to see more and more CBD products pop up in the form of lotions and oils. So, here is what you need to know about CBD Oil infused massages.

What CBD Topicals Are

CBD Topicals is CBD that is applied to the skin through different products. These CBD Topicals can come in a wide range of products that include lotions, creams, gels, etc. Every product has different amounts of CBD so it comes down to how much CBD you want to apply and how you want to apply it.

What CBD does is it interacts with the body's Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that humans and certain pets have. By applying CBD your skin begins to absorb the CBD; your Cannabinoid receptors in the part of your body the CBD was applied to begins to react. It is non-psychoactive so it's not meant to get you high, it also has low and in some cases undetectable amounts of THC. Good quality CBD will have 0.03% of THC or lower and is backed by third-party lab test results.


The way CBD Oil infused massages works is when you lay down for a massage the person administering the massage begins by using a CBD Topical. It can be a cream, lotion, balm, or whatever form of CBD Topical they prefer to use. The CBD Topical is then absorbed by the skin by way of carrier oils; we've written a blog about CBD Topicals Carrier Oils to find out more about carrier oils. There is usually an extra cost to add CBD to your massage session but we feel it's totally worth it!

The reason why these massages are good is because this is a good way to incorporate CBD into your day. You can use any CBD products that we carry from CBD Flowers to CBD Tinctures, but it's a matter of preference. Remembering to use CBD is the hard part, so we always recommend choosing a product that you will enjoy taking. This way it's not a chore you are committing to but instead it's a reward for yourself. What better way of rewarding yourself than with a relaxing massage.

Our Tip:

Grab a bottle of Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum Lotion, your favorite scented candle, and some relaxing spa music. Give yourself a good hour or 2 and either have your S/O rub some CBD lotion on you or apply it yourself. Self-care is important and taking time off your day to treat yourself is important because you deserve it. Even if you may not be able to afford a spa day you can enjoy one at home.

Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum Lotion

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