CBD Oil in Relation to Traditional Medicine

CBD Oil in Relation to Traditional Medicine

A new survey conducted by Brightfield Group and HelloMD dives into the usage of cannabidoil (CBD) products and their effectiveness. They surveyed 2,400 people in the community of HelloMD’s members. It was found that women are more likely than men to use CBD oils and other various CBD products. They also found that those who use CBD products were likely to stop taking their traditional medications.

CBD is the non-psychoactive component found in cannabis. It is known to have medicinal qualities without giving users the feeling of being high or stoned. The survey found that women were the predominant users of CBD products at fifty-five percent and men at forty-five percent. The men showed a tendency to prefer THC-dominant products.

Cannabidoil is most commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, joint pain, and insomnia. Forty-two percent of the CBD-users said that they had stopped taking their traditional medications such as Tylenol pain relievers and prescription drugs, like Vicodin, once they had switched to cannabis instead. Eighty percent of those surveyed stated that they found the CBD products to be very or extremely effective. Only three percent expressed that they found the products to be only slightly effective or completely ineffective.

There is a lot on confusion regarding the legal status of CBD. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency labels all CBD products as illegal. However, hemp-derived CBD is widely available in almost every state and even online. Marijuana-derived CBD is usually only available in states that have legalized marijuana.

Another big task that the CBD producers will have to overcome is education of marijuana derived-CBD products. Many consumers are confused by which CBD product would best suit their needs and the effects of either marijuana or hemp-derived CBD products . There are over 850 brands of CBD products and 150 brands on hemp-derived products on the market. Eight percent of users stated that they didn’t know which type of CBD product they used.

A common complaint of those who took the survey admitted that they found hemp-derived CBD products to be less effective. Although it’s cheaper, ninety percent of consumers said they would only buy marijuana-derived CBD. They also normally spent between $20-$80 a month on CBD products. All users stated that they preferred vaping for consumption over traditional marijuana buds and edibles.

It was found that patients using vapes feel the effects of the CBD faster than if they consume an edible. However, in regard to insomnia, a vape method of consumption helps best if you have trouble falling asleep, where as edibles will best serve those who have trouble staying asleep through the night.

“This landmark survey, in terms of its size and depth, shows the tremendous value that these products have for patients,” said Dr. Perry Soloman, the Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD. “Hopefully access for products such as these will help patients all across the country who cannot obtain medication that contains THC.”

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