CBD Oil Credited With Shrinking Child’s Brain Tumor

CBD Oil Credited With Shrinking Child’s Brain Tumor

William Frost, a boy living in the United Kingdom, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014. After extensive surgeries and rigorous chemotherapy, his parents, Steve and Hilary, were told in 2016 that William was dying. He was four years old.

Steve Frost recalls that in late 2013, they started noticing William’s head tilting to the right-hand side. “His balance was off and he started vomiting randomly- so we took him to the doctor. They referred us to the ear, nose, and throat clinic, but things got so bad that we took him to A&E.”

After a few days, the doctors realized something was horribly wrong. They performed an MRI scan on little William. It was then that they found a tumor the size of a golf ball in his brain. Despite years of treatment, matters only got worse.

“We couldn’t bear to accept there were no more options for William,” Steve said. “We were desperate and willing to try anything. When we read the research on cannabis and tumors, it gave us hope.”

A private clinic prescribed William a hemp-derived CBD product (a cannabis product that does not produce a “high”). It cost Steve and Hilary 2,000 pounds for a nine-month supply, but they wanted to be sure that William had the best quality CBD around. William was given it diluted in water.

A few months later, his brain tumor had shrunk by two-thirds, and William was well enough to return to school.

William’s consultant, Professor Richard Grundy, who is leading the research project said “Brain tumors are the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK, but the disease receives less than one percent of the UK’s cancer research funding.”

Steve and Hilary are now backing new research by experts at Nottingham’s Children’s Brain Tumor Research Centre, at the University of Nottingham, into whether CBD can reduce pediatric brain cancer cells.

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