CBD Gift Ideas For Mom

CBD Gift Ideas For Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what better gift to give the one you call mom than with CBD! The older our mother’s get the more we start to appreciate them. Here are some CBD gift ideas for mom that we’re sure she would enjoy.

Mom’s Really Enjoy CBD

Mom’s Really Enjoy CBD

It goes without a question that your mom will enjoy anything you get them. However, you might want to explain to her that CBD is not marijuana. Also, CBD doesn’t come from the marijuana plant, it comes from the hemp plant. The difference is that marijuana gets you high while hemp does not.

One thing to remember is that CBD is now mainstream. It’s advertised almost everywhere so chances are the person you call mom has heard of it. We understand that CBD has not always been a household name, but it is now and it’s here to stay!

Type Of Mom’s Who Take CBD

You might be wondering if your mom will enjoy CBD. We understand your concern especially if your mom has never tried it. These are the type of moms that tend to give CBD a try:

  • Stressed Out: A stressed out mom is a hard working mom. They may not always show it but moms get stressed out, and what better way to chill out than with CBD.
  • Older: Our older mom’s tend to enjoy CBD the most. It might have to do with curiosity of trying something new. Either way, the retired age seems to really enjoy CBD.
  • Constantly Busy: This one goes hand in hand with stress. A mom who is constantly busy probably has a hard time shutting down at the end of the day.

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CBD Gift Ideas

There are several products that mother’s love and for good reason. It takes a lot to be a mom and we’re sure that they would appreciate some self-care products. We came up with a collection of CBD that mother’s really enjoy:

CBD Topicals

These are CBD products that are meant to be applied on the skin. The types of products can vary and the biggest difference is potency and application. Here are some CBD topicals for mom:

Lavender Citrus Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

CBD Lotion

This CBD Lotion has soft notes of lavender with hints of citrus. It has the perfect amount of CBD in each bottle + it helps to moisturize the skin. Also, it’s great for targeting specific areas of the body with Full Spectrum CBD. You’ll love the relaxing scent of lavender and it's great for self-care.

Savage CBD Balm

CBD Balm

Our CBD Balm has soft notes of coconut and undertones of lavender. Also, it has a concentrated amount of CBD which is great for targeting specific parts of your body. What’s great about this product is that it’s easy to carry, works great and smells good.

Full Spectrum CBD Roll-on

CBD Roll On

What makes this product very popular is the fact that it keeps your hands clean. In other words, it works like the CBD lotion and CBD balm; however, you simply roll it on, leaving your hands clean.

CBD Tinctures

A tincture is a concentrated CBD oil that is taken orally. They can be taken sublingual (held under the tongue) or added to a drink like tea, coffee, juice, etc. We have 4 different CBD Tinctures to choose from and 3 different strengths that range from 1,000 mg - 2,000 mg.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Essential Oils, and Terpenes.

Peach Pear Savage CBD Tincture

Peach Pear

Cucumber Mint Savage CBD Tincture

Lemon Lime

Pink Grapefruit Savage CBD Tincture

Pink Grapefruit

Cucumber Mint Savage CBD Ticture

Cucumber Mint

CBD Suggestions

CBD Suggestions

We have a couple of suggestions in order to get the experience from your CBD products. This includes dosages, application, and time of day to use.

Applying CBD Topically

Our CBD Topical products are potent so we suggest applying small amounts at a time. This is to ensure that you get the best experience from the product and that it lasts. Also, our customers enjoy our topicals the most to target pain in the body, post workout, or on joint inflammation.

Note: Everyone reacts differently to CBD so experiences and results can vary.

Using CBD Tinctures

You have 2 options when it comes to using our CBD Tinctures:

  • Sublingual Option: This method involves placing either half the dropper (0.50 ml) or the complete dropper (1.0 ml) under your tongue. You’ll want to leave it under your tongue from 15 - 30 seconds. You can either spit out the oil or swallow it.
  • Ingestion Option: You can ingest CBD by swallowing it directly or mixing it into your drink. Although this method does take longer to enter into your system, it is one of the most effective ways.

If you don’t have any experience with CBD we suggest first trying the 1,000 mg strength. Once you find out how the CBD oil affects you then we recommend slowly increasing the strength.

Try about half the dropper (0.50 ml) at first and see how you feel. If you need more than go up another 0.25 ml or 0.50 ml, you’ll want to give it 1 hour - 1 ½ hours before you take more.

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