CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets


If you watch the news or have set foot in a holistic store recently, you may be aware that people are noticing CBD can, in fact, benefit their furry friends as well. But because there is so much controversy around CBD, misinformation is tossed around a lot. Hopefully, this article proves to be jam-packed full of good information for you.

Will My Pets Be Safe Using CBD?
Many studies have recently been published about the safety of CBD and pet usage. All these studies point to CBD being safe for mammals to use.
Pet owners usually know that THC can be harmful to pets, but CBD at Savage CBD is below .03% THC so the amount is low enough to where we believe it won’t be harmful to your furry friends.
Today, many pet owners give their pets CBD as a natural alternative to popular medications for common ailments such as pain, anxiety and lack of appetite. In fact, many holistic vets recommend CBD as a natural treatment for a wide array of issues.
Over the last several months, holistic vets have been known to recommend CBD alternatives to pet owners. Pet owners also usually enjoy using CBD for their pets for things like loss of appetite, pain, anxiety and other issues instead of medications.
Benefits of CBD for Pets
Pain Relief
Tons of studies have shown CBD’s ability to treat pain. CBD is also known to help with inflammatory problems. As most people know, when something is inflamed it can be very painful. CBD can also help limit the number of signals sent by the pain receptors in the body to the brain.
If your pet suffers from a condition which causes pain, CBD can be a good natural alternative for them. You can dose them daily without worrying about any addiction happening.
Anxious Pets
A lot of pets suffer from anxiety. Again, the beauty of CBD is that it doesn’t seem to indicate any addictive properties, which can be great for your pets!
A big advantage of using CBD for pets with anxiety is you can choose the dose of CBD they get. So it works great for new environments, or even for meeting new friends!
Pets Who Won’t Eat
Pet owners usually agree that nothing can be worse than when your pet won’t eat. 
CBD has indicated that it can increase appetite while treating other issues such as nausea. CBD has also been known to help with things like depression which can show signs of appetite loss.
 How Do I Dose My Pet With CBD
A lot of companies sell CBD in a tincture. Tincturing can be an effective way for you to dose your pet with CBD. What we have done is created a spray which allows you to effectively spray CBD into your pet's mouth or even better an equal dose to their food.
We recommend speaking to your vet before treating your pet with CBD. Always start with a small dose and work your way up as needed.
 Where Can I Get CBD For My Pets?
 Finding a reputable CBD manufacturer can be hard! Rest assured SavageCBD uses the best ingredients and is sure to test every batch of CBD we produce which you can see here.

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