CBD & CBD Oil May Be Able To Help You Sleep

CBD & CBD Oil May Be Able To Help You Sleep

CBD has been a huge topic lately, and a topic of discussion around CBD Oil is can  CBD and Tinctures help with your sleep? Reports show that up to 70 million adults suffer from a sleep disorder!

We looked over the reports, and it looks like the two biggest offenders of sleep are pain or anxiety. CBD has shown to be able to aid these things so there may be hope!

CBD Oil & Sleep

CBD has shown to help with sleep aid as well as other things like pain, anxiety, stress and many others. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system which is responsible for things like our homeostasis. Using CBD Oil for sleep can also keep you more alert throughout your day!

CBD is biphasic, which means that it has different effects depending on how much you take, similar to alcohol. Reports have shown taking a higher dose at night can lead to a more drowsy feeling, which may help people sleep.

How Much CBD Do You Need?

One report (from someone with insomnia) said that they usee 160mg per day to help him sleep, and it decreased the nights he was sleepless. On the other hand, other reports have shown a lower dose of CBD allows you to be more alert throughout the day.

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